My Journey Into BDSM: Saturday With Sir

I pushed aside my lack of motivation, depression, and anxiety Saturday afternoon as I got ready for Sir and his plans. Once I was pleased with how I was dressed, I drove to the center of town to the spa where Sir made my reservation. I was treated to a wax, a facial, and a massage. First came the wax. The aesthetician got a little weepy on me. I thought I should be the one crying as she was ripping out my pubic hair from the roots, but I brought up memories of her best friend who was killed over the summer by a trustee-inmate in a semi that hit her head on in a no-passing lane. While she talked about life and death, she continued to rip out my hairs one painful strip at a time. Her distraction didn’t help my cause any, the strips got struck more than once and she had to do a double pull. O. U. C. H! She also did my facial, but she was in a better mood at this point. Apparently, I’m dehydrated which makes your pores small and tight so her extraction tool had to do overtime. Another ouch. The hot rock massage was the best and the last treatment. My muscles between my shoulder blades are a little sore today, but all in all I feel pretty good.

When I was finished with the spa I headed over to the tapas restaurant Sir had chosen for me. I turned my car over to the valet and took my seat. Again, the restaurant was loud. I knew it would be hard to hear Sir once he arrived. It was, but I leaned in and was able to hear more than our previous meeting. I was anxious about the next part of our evening but not so much to give me that familiar knot in my stomach. My girlfriend was worried and kept texting to check up on me. Satisfied that I was fine, she finally left me alone for a while.

After dinner we headed to the hotel for our first session together. I waited in the lobby for Sir as he checked in. He handed me a card key and I headed upstairs. When I got to the room the door wouldn’t open. I tried several times to no avail. When I went back to the front desk they wouldn’t help me without Sir. He had gone out to his car and hadn’t returned yet. Upon entering the lobby he saw me at the front desk frustrated and spoke to the prick who was being unhelpful. Turns out the prick wrote down the wrong room. We got the right room and headed for the elevator bank.

Once in the room, we began unpacking the toys. I brought mine, and Sir brought the ones he purchased that day for me. He didn’t want anything touching me that had touched someone else, so he bought me all new toys for him to play with. In the bedroom of our suite, I undressed to my black bustier and black lace panties then sat blindfolded in my submissive pose to wait for Sir. He came in a short time later and complimented me. Keeping my eyes down I thank him and smiled. I can do this, I thought to myself. Sir helped me up then put me over his knees for my first round of spankings with his hand. Hand spankings are never that bad, so it was a good warm-up for what was to come.

Sir showed me his favorite sub position and removed my panties. He followed up with swift swats with what I assume was my switch. They stung. As soon as he stopped I was fine again; no lasting pain. Sir removed my bustier and placed me on the bed. The spankings that were to follow were much harsher and stung incredibly badly. I did have to go to “yellow” once or twice but I was still okay once he stopped. Sir did his best to give me an orgasm but between the irritation from the Brazilian and possibly my anti-aniexty med it just wasn’t going to happen. I got one punishment for not following a direct order, but Sir was still gentle on me. The rest of the evening, I did as I was told and did my best to please Sir. My anti-anxiety med makes me tired, so we stopped and snuggled on the bed. I fell asleep for a short while, once awake we cleaned up the room and left. Not the worst first session, at least it’s under my belt now so to speak.

Sir texted me shortly after I got home to make sure I made it safely. I had and was already in my pajamas at that point. I returned his text, smiled, and went to bed.

Today I have a few bruises and a few nice red marks but no pain. Sir was gentle with me, I am sure he won’t be next time.


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