My Journey Into BDSM: Monday Without Sir

Sir gave me a strict schedule since today is the first day of my unemployment. What he asked of me and what happened didn’t coincide.

Sir’s plan:

8:00          Wake Up, freshen-up.

8:30.         Run

9:00.         Coffee and Breakfast

10:00        Shower

10:15          Meditate

10:30         Applying and searching for job opportunities

12:30         Lunch

1:15            Back to applying

3 – 6          Freetime, pick up the house, cook (I hate cooking. I can and I’m very good at it, but I hate it.)

6 – 8          Read and/or write in my journal

8:00          Time for Sir

8:30          Read & watch TV

11:00        Bedtime

He was very adamant that I follow this schedule. I was adamant that I would follow the schedule, until this morning arrived. I heard my child shower and leave for school before seven as usual. Next I heard my first alarm go off at eight. I turned that off knowing that the next alarm would be a short time later. The second alarm went off at 8:30 and I turned it off as well. I am not by any means a morning person and this morning was no different than any other day. I could not get up at 8:30. At ten I heard my phone chime announcing a text message, I rolled over knowing I would answer it shortly. A little while later my phone chimed again and I again rolled over to try and go back to sleep. This time I couldn’t sleep, so I reluctantly put my glasses on and checked my phone. It was my sister-in-law telling me where we could meet for lunch, a plan we texted about a day earlier. I had some photos and paintings from our father-in-law’s house and I wanted to give them to my late husband’s brother’s family since my late husband and I didn’t have children together. It would be more meaningful for the brother’s family obviously. I texted her back letting her know where I would meet her and what time to which she responded a later time to avoid the lunch crowd. That pleased me and gave me a full extra thirty minutes to sleep. I did my best to sleep more, but I think I only got a few minutes before I felt guilty and finally got up to make a cup of coffee. So I’m three hours behind Sir’s schedule, but I don’t care at this point – sleep, oh precious sleep had found me and I wasn’t giving her up for anything! 

I had a cup of coffee while trying to watch the news. Being a cord cutter has its price – news at 10:30 in the morning is pretty non-exsistant. I don’t have a cable subscription so I can’t even get the FREE local channels without an antenna. I put on CBSN which took about one cup of coffee before it annoyed me, so I got into the shower earlier than planned to get ready to meet my SIL. In the bedroom I have Apple TV so I was able to put on Reuters for their thirty minute news recap. That was so much better than what the living room offered me. I was actually paying attention when I realized I needed to leave so I wouldn’t be late.

I got to lunch just five minutes before twelve-thirty. I had to make the u-turn under the freeway because I missed the restaurant the first time I passed. Luckily there wasn’t any traffic so she didn’t have to wait for me very long. We caught up over lunch and a couple of drinks. When she first asked me to come by her new house I was hesitant knowing I needed to go by the grocery store on my way home. After thinking about it for a little while I realized I hadn’t seen her in over a year and I would really enjoy spending more time with her so I told her that I could come by. We got to her house about one-thirty. After a tour of the new place and an introduction to the new puppy, we relaxed on the patio with a glass of white wine. It was nice catching up with her, but I did get a text from Sir while I was there since I hadn’t checked in with him all day. 

Once I told Sir that I was with SIL and I hadn’t seen her in about a year he was fine with that and told me to have a good time. We did. I sent my child to the grocery store for me so I could hang out until almost four. I got to see my nephew shortly before I left. I finished my burrito for dinner tonight and now I am just waiting for eight o’ clock to contact Sir. I know he will not be happy with me, but I plan to tell him the truth about my day since trust is a major part of a D/s relationship. So give me a few mintutes and I’ll get back to my story…

Sir is very upset with me. I didn’t follow instructions and I know I will be punished. He agreed to allow me to sleep until 10 now since I have so much trouble getting up in the mornings when I don’t take my Adderall at 4 AM. Tomorrow I will get up at 10, head to Sam’s for some household items that I need, then hit the internet to job hunt. I will also go out for a walk/run with my kid and not drink. Both Sir and my kid will be happy about that. I know I drink too much, I have so many issues; major depressive disorder, anxiety, eating disorder, dysania, misophonia, and a highly addictive personality. If Sir can help me I will be very grateful for that. If he can’t I will still be grateful for the effort.

That’s it for today, I will of course keep you posted.


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