My Journey Into BDSM: Saturday With Sir

Sir came over tonight for dinner. I picked up my favorite dishes that I had grown up on since he had never had the food of my father’s country before. I think it went well, he tried everything at least. I didn’t have any wine with dinner, nor had I had a drink prior to our session. He wanted me to be sharp to enjoy everything he would be doing to me. I have to agree it was much more pleasurable.

After dinner we retired to my bedroom where I had already laid out all the toys I thought he might like to use. His surprise for me were more toys. I liked them to say the least.

This session was longer and more harsh than our previous session. The “bruiser” he promised me lived up to its name, not only was it a hard paddle it also had little plastic nubs that left bright red polka-dots on my fair behind.

Our session started with him undressing me. Although he liked my new lingerie, he felt there was no need for it this evening. He removed my fancy bra top but left my Brazilian cut panties on. We started the same way as last time; he put me over his knees and spanked me as he pulled my panties further up my crack. It was so pleasurable and a nice warm up for what was to come.

He put restraints on my wrists and ankles before he had me stand facing the wall. After soothing my skin he began the spankings. I misstepped once or twice by moving out of position, but he was very understanding and told me to hold my pose until he said I could move or to ask if I needed to move. I did better after that.

He moved me to the bed while my restraints were still in place. There were a few spankings that stung quite a bit, but of course I couldn’t tell what he was using on me at the time. It stung so I could only assume what he was using was one of the firm sticks we have. When he smacked me in the same spot I was close to using my safe word or at least a warning word but, he switched spots and I was fine.

Sir had a new device for me that I couldn’t have ever imagined. In fact, while he was using it on me all I could think was that it was a pattern cutter seamstresses use. Turns out it was exactly like that, a spiked wheel that he ran all over my body. Harder in some spots and lighter in others. It was very nice when he did it lightly, it was even nicer when he pressed it into my skin harder.

Sir was a little harsher on me with the switches and sticks that were set out for him. We both have several sturdy sticks of sorts. A light swat with one is pleasant, a harder swat stings almost unbearably. He selected the latter and my ass, legs, and back were stinging. I didn’t have to use a safe word although I was feeling the stings to the core of me. When he flogged me it was a welcome relief as they sting on the ends but the rest of the cords are comforting. I was stung more with the sticks, I wish I could describe them more accurately but they are simply hard wood sticks with handles for gripping.

Sir showed me my backside in the full-length mirror and I had some nice welts and of course the pock marks from the “bruiser”. Very pretty reds were criss-crossed along my backside. I’m looking forward to how they will look tomorrow.

Although he hit me with fervor and purpose, I was able to take it beautifully. From what I could tell from the feelings I was receiving, I think he used the leather split strap, several of our sticks, a studded belt, and the riding crop. He was proud of me and I was proud of myself. Making Sir proud makes me very happy. Our sessions make me tired, but I persevered until the end. I only had to use my safe word once; he had a nipple clamp on me and pulled and slapped it with a rod at the same time. It was a blinding pain that I didn’t think I could get through a second time which brought tears to my eyes. He honored my safe word, pulled up the blindfold seeing the tears, and removed the clip. There were still more smacks to my breasts and pinches on my nipples but he was a little more observant of my pain. He really increased the amount of trust I place in him already.

Although I explained that I can only orgasm clitoraly he persevered trying to make me come in other ways. Finally he asked me to show him, so I pulled out what he liked to call my “kitchen mixer” and made myself come as he watched and caressed my body. 

After the usual spankings and play, he added a few other new devices. One was a set of gloves with spikes coming out of them. He used them to lightly trail along my body, but he also used them a little more firmly in different erotic spots as well. The spiked wheel made another appearance which felt great. 

I am pleased I made it through our second session without having to use my safe word more than once. Sir said he was proud of me as well. He didn’t think I could take the pain he administered, but I did my best. Although the smacks in the same place more than once were almost unbearable I made it through and the pain subsided as soon as he stopped.

Sir has said we will meet once a week for a several hour session, but he would like to see me during the week so we can stay connected even if it’s just for a coffee. I’m looking forward to getting closer to Sir so my trust grows as well.

Sir’s final instruction to me was to sleep naked which I obliged. His thought is that the more time I spend naked alone, the more comfortable I will feel while I am with him. I am not a fan of my body and its size right now, and he knows this. He also got me a little tiny chargeable vibrator in pink, it’s the size of a bullet. I was supposed to use it last night, but I was too tired and fell asleep. I will use it tonight as instructed and I’m sure it will bring me exactly the pleasure he wants for me. 


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