My Journey Into BDSM: Sunday Without Sir

I woke early this morning; well, early for me. It was 9:30 and I actually felt like I had slept enough. I got up and had my coffee while trying to decide what I would watch on Netflix. I put on Fraiser and turned on my computer.

I needed to take the “ProveIt!” tests for the agency I met with last week so I did. I took a break in between each test, but I managed to pass regardless. I didn’t do very well on the typing test, so I am hoping the agent will let me take it again. I know my typing is much faster than 54 words per minute.

I had a little text chat with Sir this morning, it was brief. He admitted to me that he swatted me in the same spot more than once to see what my pain threshold actually was. Those swats were breath-taking but I persevered. I’m glad he pushed me, that shows us both what I am able to take. He wants to meet on Tuesday for brunch. Brunch will include more than coffee. He was concerned I would be too bruised for anything like Saturday night, but I just texted him and let him know that other than the polka-dots from the “bruiser” I didn’t have any lasting marks. I do feel his presence on my ass, but it’s a good feeling and makes me think of our time fondly. I am looking forward to Tuesday, my anxiety waiting for Sir has dropped a lot. I didn’t take any anti-anxiety meds today and I feel calm.

The rest of today I spent catching up via email with my friend in Melbourne and my friend in London. Of course I gave them full disclosure with the caveat that they could skip that paragraph if it was too much information, LOL.

I texted Sir at 8 PM as I am supposed to do, but I have yet to hear back from him. I don’t know his schedule today, he may be working or he may be spending time with his kids. Either way, I followed orders so I won’t be punished.

Apparently, last week when we spoke in the car what he said about punishment and what I interpreted were two completely different things. I don’t remember exactly, but it’s possible he said, “I don’t want to punish you.” I took that to mean he wouldn’t punish me. He simply meant that he would rather give me pleasure than punish me, but I needed to be punished. Since he read my blog and realized I was very sure he wouldn’t punish me he acquiesced and decided not to punish me even though he had every intention to do so. I appreciate that, but he is right about the fact that I like to get my way. He will no longer tolerate me getting my way and I will have to answer to him. I am okay with that. He is not just a Dom, he is somewhat of a life-coach. If I follow his schedule I will be more productive and I might get through my depressive lows. I will do what he asks and I will do it happily.
Now I await for his reply if he is able and I look forward to Tuesday brunch.


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