My Journey into BDSM: Friday With and Without Sir

I had a job interview this morning so I was awake around 6:15 having coffee and easing into my day since my interview wasn’t until ten. I made it there early so I sat in the car after I paid for parking until it was a reasonable amount of time to get to the next block and into the building and onto floor I needed to be on.

I was a little early, not much since I sat in my car for a while so I waited. The interview was unusual, but I was pleased with it. I hope I get the job. Afterwards I had to pee so badly I drove straight home and changed out of my suit into a ratty t-shirt and shorts to run the few errands I had.

Once I was changed I went to go vote. Yay! I voted. Not that there is a decent candidate, but nonetheless I voted. Afterwards I went to the mall to pick up birthday presents for my two friends I was meeting for dinner and drinks later.

I got home a little before one o’clock. Sir texted me asking what I was doing and if I had eaten. I explained that I had a protein shake but I didn’t tell him that I had it at nine that morning. He asked me to meet him for crepes (which I love) but I declined. I needed to do a few things around the house before I met my friends for dinner later. He changed tactics and said, “I will be at your house in ten minutes, be ready we are going out to lunch.”

I changed clothes looking presentable and we went to a nearby cafe for a nice lunch. He didn’t like that I ordered a salad but it was one of my favorites so I explained that I loved it and he seemed appeased. I ate as much as I could and we went back out to his car. We chatted for a while in the car even though he was due at work very shortly. Our conversation actually overran his need to be at work but he brushed it off before taking me home.

I was bored after that. I had nothing I wanted to tackle at home and hours before I was supposed to meet my friends so I wallowed for a while. Eventually I decided to go buy something pretty to wear on my date with Sir Saturday night and hopefully find some lingerie to go with it. I found a silky top immediately then I found black slacks to go with it. The hardest thing to find is pretty white bras and matching panties that aren’t Grandma sized. I selected a deep blue set and found a white camisole to hopefully cover up the darkness of the bra under the delicate white of the top.

I got to the pub really early and I knew if I started drinking vodka that early it wouldn’t be an easy drive home so I sat with my first drink without a sip for over thirty minutes. After that I nursed it for about an hour and a half. Once my first friend arrived I kept in time with her and we ordered our second drinks at the same time.
The birthday girl arrived about an hour and fifteen minutes later but we sat and had drinks while we caught up before heading over to the restaurant which was just a short walk away. I told them a little about Sir making our relationship sound as normal as possible, but I also explained that they would never meet him. I didn’t tell them why they wouldn’t, but luckily they didn’t ask. Our relationship isn’t one to be shared. It’s private. My mom, and my closest friend know his true details in case I end up dead and they also know not to use my driver’s license photo on the news. I kid. I’m not at all concerned that Sir would hurt me. He has been so caring and understanding and even a little reserved because of my anxiety. I don’t think I need to worry. We have been in situations already that he could have taken advantage and done unspeakable things to me, but he hasn’t and I don’t expect that he would. He’s prominent, he has close family ties, I know he would never jeopardize that.
I was actually pleased he ordered me to go to lunch with him today. I need to be out of the house while I’m not working. Staying in the house alone makes me very depressed and my meds can’t get me out of those lows. Getting out of the house lifts my spirits and makes me realize I have something better on the horizon.

Dinner was delicious of course it was our friend’s restaurant which has been a staple in the neighborhood for ages. We had a few drinks, shared food, and swapped stories. All good. When we walked back to the pub I realized that I had enough to drink and the best thing for me to do would be to go home so I paid my tab, said my good-byes and left.

I got home and texted Sir to let him know that I was home and safe. I’m sure he was pleased about that being only ten in the evening. He will respond when he is able I’m sure, he always does.

Tomorrow may be a much more intense meeting and I am excited about it. When we spoke in the car after lunch I think he is ready to push me more. I am ready as well.

I am ready as well…


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