Friday Without Sir, Part One & Part Two

Before I accepted my new position I had already planned a wine and cheese party for this evening. I decided to have the party because my kid would be with the dad for actual Christmas. I wanted to make sure that my Christmas decorations were appreciated by more than just me and my kid. When I first told Sir of my plan he mentioned in passing that he would stop by. I was perplexed by his offer since I am a drinker and I smoke when I drink. Sir does neither. The fact that he does neither made me think that he wouldn’t enjoy spending time with my friends as we are all like-minded. All of my friends drink, not all of them smoke, but none of them mind that many of us smoke. I don’t typically smoke, but when I drink I really enjoy a cigarette or six.

Today was my first day at my new job in my local office. South Carolina was lovely, but I won’t be there very often at all. I love my new cube, I have large windows nearby, the technology is up to date, and I have two giant screens that are being delivered on Monday. I was very busy today and I met with the person who is basically in charge of the office. He took me down to meet the building management people so they knew I was the new point of contact then he and I had a private conversation about the office and what happens within it. He said he didn’t want to put me in such a situation but that if he actually knew what the employees knew and thought it would go a long way to keep morale up and maintain the talent. They had a previous problem with losing one or two people each month for a while. It seems to have leveled out and the current employees appear to be happy and content. I was busy this morning and I will be busy on Monday as well. Although I had to leave early today, I logged on this afternoon to make sure the documents I was expecting from a client came through. They did and all seems well.

I went to the psychiatrist today. I entered the waiting room which was basically full. Almost every seat in the twenty seat room was taken. I approached the window, spoke to the attendant, got the forms to fill out and took a seat. Shortly after I took a seat in a short row of empty seats the office door opened and a woman brought out two men telling one to sit down and behave while telling the other one to watch him. That sparked my instincts. As I filled in my paperwork I was very aware of the man on my right that kept rocking and shaking his hands.

It’s late, I’m tired. I’ll finish tomorrow if I can.

The party went well, it was nice to get together with so many friends and just enjoy the night. Three friends I haven’t seen in over a year or two showed up which was really lovely, we were able to catch up and everyone seemed to have a good time. My college roommate came into town and is staying until Sunday. I adore her and I’m always happy to hang out with her.

It’s Saturday now, and my friend and I did absolutely nothing today. We watched the entire series of The IT Crowd and read as we did it. The house is in shambles! Well, the dining room and the kitchen are, the rest is still clean from the maid’s visit on Thursday. I did zero clean up today. There are trays of cheese, meats, and dips all over the dining room table and there are about fifteen wine glasses that need to be washed by hand all over the kitchen counters. My friend and I were supposed to meet Sir for dinner tonight, but we were too tired to get motivated and leave the house so I once again cancelled on Sir. Thankfully he didn’t seem too upset, but I’m sure he was disappointed with me.

I have orders for tomorrow. I am to be up, showered, and have my coffee before texting Sir at precisely 11 o’clock. Then I am to clean the house. I can do all of that, but I hope I am up early enough to be able to text Sir at 11. My friend gets up early and the sound of her moving around usually wakes me. I think I’ll be okay and able to fulfill my orders.

So that’s the end of this entry. Not much happened today obviously so there is very little to write about. 


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