SaturdayAfter Friday With Sir

I’m at my sister’s house out of town and everyone is gone doing Christmas charity things. I’ve been on these charity runs before – they take forever, none of the recipients is grateful, and you just wind up tired and unappreciated. I begged off so now I’m writing about my night with Sir.

I made another mistake. I was home, supposedly working, but there was nothing going on with my computer so I was wrapped up in TV. The news was on and I was watching intensely when I received a text from Sir. I was supposed to leave the office at four, and it was five at this point. Sir was of course concerned that I hadn’t texted. I was under the impression that he would be contacting me to tell me when and where to meet him. I was wrong. I was supposed to contact him when I was finished with work.

After many apologies, Sir forgave me for the most part and told me to meet him. I asked Sir to let me take a shower and I’d meet him when I was done. He told me to forget the shower and just meet him at the hotel, he would give me the shower. I relented and got dressed and packed an additional bag with fresh clothes and my overnight case. While I was driving towards the middle of town he texted me again. He said to meet him at the French bistro where we had dinner previously. Being two days before Christmas of course the parking lots were packed. I found a parking lot that was free just across the street from the bistro. I texted Sir. He told me to pick him up by the bistro. I started up my car again and drove across the street. I waited for a short time before I saw him across the parking lot. I pulled up next to him and he got in telling me to drive to a makeup store because he wanted to get me a Christmas present. I drove as he directed me since I didn’t know where the shop was. Not finding a parking space nearby we drove a little longer until we found one. It was only a block away so we got out and walked to the shop. Sir held my hand and led me down the sidewalks and directed me out of the way of water puddles and unevenness in the sidewalks. It was very sweet. We got into the store and it was pretty packed. Normally my anxiety would have gotten the better of me and I would have left, but with Sir by my side I was okay. Knowing he was nearby made everything okay. I was looking for my favorite perfume so I strayed away from him for a while as I checked every shelf for it. After circling the store once I didn’t find it, so Sir asked one of the sales associates. She took us right to it, it was near the very beginning of where we started our search. I was done, happy with my selection. He suggested I pick out some makeup. I found a lipstick and a liner I liked and again I was done, happy with my selection. While we were in line he offered to get something for my kid. I found a cologne that would be well received and met him back in line. It didn’t take long for them to get to us despite the length of the line.

On our way back to the car he asked if I was hungry. I said I was and we ducked into a little Italian market and restaurant. Once we were seated we perused the menu before ordering. We placed our orders and were talking quite easily back and forth. Sir asked me about the afternoon and why I didn’t contact him as I was supposed to. He of course assumed I was trying to get out of seeing him. That certainly wasn’t the case but I’m afraid he didn’t believe me that it was simply a miscommunication on my part. I sincerely thought he would contact me and tell me where to meet him knowing I would be off at four. Obviously I was wrong, and again I am so sorry that I was wrong. Especially since Sir had just spoiled me and when we got back to his car he had a book and a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me.

After dinner we went to our usual hotel. He had some work calls to make so he stayed in the parking lot while I went upstairs and took a shower, finally! Once I was clean I put on the red nightie he bought for me last week. I again forgot to bring a hairbrush, and Sir reminded me wanting to use one in play. My hair was still wet and finger-brushed as I was unpacking our tools when Sir came into the room. Surprised, I dashed into the bedroom and started to get into position, but Sir stopped me and asked me to stand up. I had been forgiven for my earlier transgression. He kissed me and asked me to undress myself, which I did.

Sir showed me how to set up the under-bed restraints then told me to get on the bed face down. While restrained he put me through my paces. It was when he was using the split leather strap that something unusual happened. The strap is made of thick leather about two inches wide and a centimeter thick that is split into four stiff strips. Sir was smacking my backside and I was fine, Sir smacked my thighs and I was fine… It was when Sir started on my back that the pain seemed searing. I called out “yellow” a couple of times but Sir didn’t hear me over the sound of the leather hitting my back. When he finally stopped I buried my face into the pillow and sobbed. I couldn’t control it and I don’t know where it came from. The pain was intense, but not so bad that it warranted sobbing, right? Once he stopped, of course the pain subsided but the sobbing continued. Sir released me from the restraints and held me until I could calm down. I was calmed by him, his words, and his caresses. I felt better and was actually confused as to why I reacted the way I did. It was an anomaly, and the sobs disappeared as quickly as they came. After I was calm I was ready to get back into it, but Sir decided that slow and sensual would be the best way to finish out the evening. So that’s how we finished it for the most part. Sir bit me several times, his bites hurt and I thought for sure they would leave marks, but they didn’t. I have bruising on one spot, but the others although I can still feel them today didn’t leave a mark. Back to the hotel, Sir teased me about being spoiled, and keeping him from his work calls, and I giggled at him. He makes me smile, laugh, and feel cherished. He even asked me to marry him, but as we all know, no girl takes a marriage proposal during sex seriously, so I waved him off with another giggle. That’s just part of our play. He says everything a girl wants to hear and makes me comfortable with him more and more each time we spend time together. Sir simply does something to me that makes me very happy inside. I like our daily chats, I like our meetings, and I like the way he treats me whether it’s as a sub, a brat, or an equal. I only hope I bring him some of the same joy he brings me. He told me that we would restart my training. I’m okay with that, I want that very much. Sir wants me to be able to get to subspace which is also what I want. Although I love our sessions, if he can take me to another dimension, as he likes to say, all the better. I’ll read the book he bought me and work on being a better sub. I’m not sure how supremely submissive I can be, but I will go in willingly and openly allowing Sir to guide me.

We stayed a lot longer than we meant to, but it was totally worth it. At least my kid was awake when I got home and I got to pass on the present that Sir bought. Kid loved it as I expected. I responded to Sir’s last text that I had made it home safely and the kid said thank you before I called it a night and went to bed.

Next week is busy for Sir so we have plans to meet for dinner on Thursday. I have a crap memory, so of course I will text him as soon as I’m done working so we can meet as early as possible. I am going out of town again next weekend so I won’t get to see Sir unless we get together on Thursday. I have no inclination to break our plans and will text him as soon as I am free.

Happy holidays!


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