Random Thoughts on Thursday

**Just some random thoughts from my day, first while at work:**

Ugh, my stomach is sticking way out, I’ve put on weight. Back to no carbs starting today.

Why didn’t anyone explain to me that both teams and the PMs needed to be in this meeting? I feel so stupid like I have no idea what I’m doing. At least I have Skype in the conference room figured out now. First screw up at the new job is a month in and not my fault, that’s not so bad.

I need cigarettes. I can go across the street and get some, smoke one, and be back by eleven. 

I haven’t taken my meds yet. My head feels funky but it’s a different funky than with my old meds. I don’t think the Cymbalta is messing with my serotonin like the Viibryd did.

We can pick up Pigeon tonight from the breeder; we should probably leave by 6:30 to get there at 7:00. The kid is going to be so happy.

This weekend I’ve got to do laundry, take down the Christmas decorations and put them back in the attic, take out the trash, run and load/unload the dishwasher, clean up the patio, put away the filing in the guest room for taxes… That’s a lot. I need to be motivated to get it all done this weekend. No time for anything else. I need a sheet on my bed, I might as well wash my sheets and duvet while I’m at it. Being gone last weekend really put me behind.

Okay, a hundred bucks to get me organized. I’ll just make sure I label the printer as my personal property. Why is ladle spelled l-a-d-L-E and label is spelled l-a-b-E-L? Stupid English spelling rules.

I absolutely cannot go out this weekend at all. The V’s will be with S and T, so no one I want to see will be at the pub. J is pregnant and staying home. I doubt M will want to go out, so I guess I’m good to stay home with the kid this weekend. Sir didn’t mention this weekend, just that he was busy for the rest of the week. Does that include the weekend? I have no idea.

How’s my mood today? That’s a weird question and really hard to answer. I’m not anxious or down, but I’m not exactly up either. My new meds have kicked in so my head is back to normal, that’s good. I do always feel like I’m in a cloud though. I think my memory is improving, must be because I am not drinking as much any more.

Why is my desk phone lit up like that? Do I have a meeting coming up? Maybe I need to check my calendar for today and tomorrow.

Why do I keep buying this meatloaf? I hate it! Yuck.

Three o’clock, good. Not much longer before I can leave.

Tomorrow is payday. I just need to submit my timesheet, no meetings. Good.

Why is A texting me? What does she want? Why is her last name changed? She’s only 15, I know she didn’t get married! With that family you never know, but I can’t imagine her mom allowing that. Maybe her mom let her just to get rid of her but no way her dad would allow it. Would he? I’ll just have to see what she wants after I get home.

Down to nine emails in my inbox. That’s not too bad. I can follow up on all of them tomorrow.

I need to make up some hours from Wednesday so I don’t have to use my paid time off, I wonder how many hours I’ll need to work tomorrow. If I stay until 4 that’ll give me… I need to look at my timesheet while I’m doing this… That’ll make up four hours from Wednesday. Good. That’s better.

What do I need to do when I get home? I should pick up the house a little. I have time to kill until we leave to get the kitten, I’ll do that.

Pay stub looks good for my first two full weeks of work. I should be able to live off of that; it’s pretty close to what I was making when I got laid off. I need to put a budget spreadsheet together to be sure. I can do that tomorrow.

**Then more thoughts from home:**

Man this house is a mess. I can’t wait to get the decorations put away. Maybe the kid will help me. Hahaha, I doubt it. What am I supposed to do with that board Mom gave me? I can just stick it in the guest room closet with everything else I hide in there.

Bearcat needs to stop scratching on the back door, he’s driving me crazy. Ugh!

Blizzards do not look like fun at all. I feel badly for all those people. What would I do if I got stranded on a road like that? I have no provisions in my car. Oh wait, I have the SOS button they can find me with the GPS. I guess that’s good enough. Does it work where there is no cell service though? That’s something else I can ask at the dealership when I take my car in next. I need to get the kick-lift fixed. Moron couldn’t do the job properly and never called me back. I have to take it in in 1700 miles, that’s going to take a really long time with my new commute. Maybe I need to take it in in a few months for an oil change at least, then they can look at the other things. Oh! The bike rack! I need them to show me how to install and remove it properly.

When are they going to replace my missing recycle bin? It’s been two weeks since I reported it. They got the trash can replaced in two days. City workers, worthless.

It’s hot in here. I should take my sweater off. I don’t feel like it. What would I wear to pick up the cat? I don’t want to change my shoes yet, I’ll just deal with it until we get back.

Why do they put the phonetic spelling on a drug commercial at the same time the woman actually says the name? Someone needs to check their marketing campaign.

Tassels. Those look nice on those curtains. I don’t have a single pair of curtains in the house. I guess they would look like overkill with the plantation shutters. Besides, I’m done spending money on the house unless it’s needed work. I’m glad that guy paid the taxes on the hunting lease income; saves me the trouble, I need to pay the house taxes and figure out why my payment for the ET property was sent back. Not much in rent this year from that guy. Hunting season is over, so I don’t suppose any more renters will come through. The oil royalties are down too, once the price per barrel goes back up the checks should go up as well. That will be nice. I really wish they would hit a major vein!

That meatloaf was so gross today. I hope I don’t have anymore in the freezer. Maybe I’ll take eggs tomorrow for lunch. I am NOT going to that cafe downstairs, it sounds gross. Bugs? Yuck! They don’t even have a decent sized fountain drink. Waste of space if you ask me.

More layoffs. At least it isn’t more in oil & gas. But still, retail is a big deal. I suppose I have a lot to do with that since I only go to Amazon to buy stuff. Not sure why they would open pop up stores in the malls, what exactly would they put in one? Count me out.

Thirty-five minutes until we need to leave. Maybe we should leave around 6:40 instead so traffic can clear out a little.

I need to scoop the litter box. They probably need more litter too. They have plenty of food for now, I don’t have to worry about that at least.

A didn’t text back. She probably won’t. That’s what happened last time. Weird kid.

I really need to go check out the gym in our building. I can go on lunch, it would be so easy. Couch to 5k would be good.

Hahahaha! MDA is laying off people. Glad I’m out of there!

Make a film foundation. That’s really cool. Of course Johnny Depp is involved. How nice. Poor kid. Wow, that is so awesome.

Okay, we can leave after the news.

A moved tombstone is the number one story? What the heck? That’s not major news. Local news is so bad. I’m glad husband has been spread across the world instead of rotting in a box in the ground.

Babycat is going nuts. I hope she gets that moth. I wonder if she will get along with her brother. I doubt she will remember him. 

Goodness gracious. That man doesn’t look like he has two hundred dollars to his name, how could he lose that much in an illegal game room? Maybe he needs to reprioritize.

Dang, that moth is right over my head flying around the light and now it looks like it’s blinking. I’m going to have to grab something and swat him. Not right now.

It’s going to be cold tomorrow. I can wear jeans though.

Bearcat just ate that moth. Cool.

900 layoffs in administration! I would not feel badly if my old boss got laid off, she was so overpaid. Of course I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but I am definitely going to check the employee roster to see if anyone from my department disappears.

**Random thoughts from a random mind, an exercise for Sir.**


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