So the kid and I picked up our new cat yesterday. The breeder has a baby daughter meaning they didn’t have much time to spend with the kittens so the cats are not used to loving touches by humans. We got our first one when she was about 10 weeks old. She is still stand offish, but she tolerates petting and holding for a few seconds, sometimes minutes. She is 4.8 pounds. Her brother that we picked up is definitely around 9 pounds at the minimum. He is very playful and has a cute personality and slept on my pillow just above my head but when I tried to pet him when I woke up this morning he ran off.

Here’s the baby-girl we’ve had since June:

Here is her brother we got last night (he’s a bruiser!);

He’s fitting in quite well. One cat can’t stop hissing, one is indifferent, and his baby sister is just wary of him. He in turn is wary of the people in the house.

Sir would never leave marks on my like that! He’s too kind. Pigeon however is not so kind.

We are hoping he will adapt to his new home and siblings then let us get close to him. It’s only been a day and a half so we have a ways to go before he is comfortable in his new surroundings. His personality is too cute, we just want to be able to hold him or at the very least pet him without being attacked. Even if he remains a jerk he’s ours for life. Not a problem.

It’s still a little over an hour before I speak with Sir for the day even though I did send him the photos. I know he is busy at work so I never expect to hear back from him before eight. That’s our routine and I am happy with it. It’s a nice way to finish my night before I go to bed. I might update a little more later, but be forewarned that he is unhappy that I really can’t go out this weekend. There is just too much to do around the house. I couldn’t even ask the maid to come because there is too much organizing and un-decorating to be done first. I’ll have her come next week and clean up after me.

Work was weird today and a little annoying. Thirty minutes before a team meeting I was sent new project updates that needed to be incorporated in the current meeting agenda. I didn’t have time to get them all copied in so I had to farm out my finished project to get outside opinions as to how I did. I missed quite a lot which again made me feel inadequate even though I was behind the eight-ball to begin with. I think my first meeting went better than this one, but with the feedback I received from a few trusted colleagues I was able to get the notes out today instead of Monday. Whew!

Next I was supposed to set up an office for a new employee who will arrive on Monday. As I was breaking down a recently vacated office to move the equipment to the cube that was chosen I was told that he would actually be occupying the office right next door to the office I was in. I had to set the office back up before I moved to the new one to set it up. A little heads up would have been nice, but I got it done and he should feel welcomed when he arrives to find his name on the door and computer equipment ready to go. I think that’s nice when you start a new job. My interim job between layoff and this position didn’t welcome me at all even though everyone was happy I was there. It took me three months to get a pair of $3 scissors! Really? Three months? I hated that place, I am so much happier where I am now.

I was notified that I need to file my quarterly state sales tax. It hasn’t been an issue of late since I haven’t sold any books, but I actually sold one this quarter (to Sir of course) so I need to write that check for around $1.23. It’s a bit tedious, but I want to stay within the law. I don’t keep good records meaning an audit would be brutal. So speaking of my books that I have published, here are the links if any of you are interested in checking them out. They are all on Amazon and you can select ebook or paperback. The first ones are more erotic/romance and you can see my writing improve through the books. I am most proud of the last one Getting Away, so if you are interested in a non-erotic book I would suggest that one. Be warned there is somewhat of a rape scene involved in that one, but it was important to the story and character building.

This one pulls from my experience when I lived with a not-so-nice boyfriend in Paris. Life, Love, Paris
This one is more erotic and tells the story from both the male and female perspectives. Rhys and Alexandria
Apparently I edited this one after I published it, I don’t remember what I didn’t like about it. Cricket
And this is my last one that I am quite proud of even though the jerk who reviewed it didn’t put SPOILER ALERT before she wrote it. Stay away from the review if you’re interested. It’s about getting away from an abusive relationship. Getting Away
I have three others that I am working on and hope to finish at least one of them this year. One I was working on may never be finished because it pulls from my experience dealing with my late husband’s cancer and ultimately his death. Sounds like a bummer, right? The story I have written I hope isn’t as dull as our life actually was, I hope it isn’t as much of a bummer as it could be. Revisiting those feelings after almost two years might be too much for me right now that I am in a better place in my head, so I don’t know if I pursue that one or the one about a rich girl who drops everything to change her life and move to New York to pursue her passion, but not without obstacles. 

So if you’re interested I would love for you to read one of them and tell me what you think, what I should change, and how you received it as a whole.
Probably more news in a bit…

I texted Sir at our regular time. He has not responded. Normally I am not concerned. With the missteps I have taken this week and the punishment I received I am afraid I may have made another mistake without being aware. Now that I think about it, Sir would tell me if I made a mistake or slighted him. I think that the fact that I haven’t heard from him just means that he is busy. I shall sit and wait until Sir contacts me and have happy thoughts until he does.

Sir has not contacted me tonight. I’m concerned that I haven’t heard from him. I love our chats and look forward to them every night. I really hope he is just busy and I will hear from him tomorrow.

I am sad that I didn’t hear from Sir tonight. I am going to bed an hope that Sir will contact me tomorrow.


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