Sunday Afternoon With Sir

We didn’t have much time, just two hours. It didn’t help matters that I hadn’t eaten anything all day. Sir took me to eat in the promenade nearby. Again it was a loud restaurant we settled on so I did more listening than talking since Sir has trouble hearing me sometimes.

Once we were at “our place” I was told to go into the bathroom, undress, and assume one of the sub poses upon my return. I did as I was told as Sir removed implements from my travel bag. He laid them nice and evenly on the bed before he sat in the chair to give me hand swats as our usual warm-up.

Sir had me lay down on my front and he began putting me through my paces. It was a little more intense this time, but my only concern what that the people next door could hear what was going on since I could hear their television. If they heard anything they gave no indication. My backside took the swats, canings, leather straps, and flogger very well. Once I was told to flip Sir continued his assault on my front. The swats, canings, leather straps, and flogger didn’t bother me. The clamps on various parts of my body were more painful, but they didn’t last that long. In between instruments I relaxed my body took a few deep breaths and found that the contact the clamps were making seemed to fade a little into the background. It was tolerable this time. What wasn’t tolerable was what came after the clamps were removed. I was fine when Sir strapped my wrists and ankles together in the air. I was fine when he swatted somewhat on my front and more so on the backs of my legs. He released me and began his attack on my front again. This time the implement of choice was a flat rubber swatter that is about a centimeter thick. He smacked my chest and it hurt, the stinging was quite intense as he had already put my chest to the test as it were. When he traveled lower I lost it. It was not the first or the second smacks that got to me it was the third in exactly the same spot as the previous two. It really smarted! Then he returned to my extremely tender chest and I had to grab myself protectively and use a safe word. Sir realized I was in pain and saw the tears that had touched my cheeks so he stopped and held me.

We talked for a little while as we snuggled and I felt better. The points of impact began to tingle as we lay there, then as the tingles disappeared my body was covered in the warm blanket a session leaves you with. As I write this I can still feel the impact on certain places on my body, but the majority of my body is warm and happy.

We managed to make the best of our short time together today and I am pleased I took a break from household chores to meet Sir. I’ll see him Tuesday or Wednesday for Dinner, but that will probably be the only time I see him until the weekend.


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