I spent almost two hours on the phone tonight with a dear friend from my college days. She came from a really bad upbringing, but she seems to have overcome her demons for the most part to raise her two boys with her husband. Her younger sibling is having a hard time and it all weighs down on her elderly mother’s shoulders. Four of five kids are in custody, the eldest is with his father. My friend wants to support her mother, but the fact that her mother is enabling this behavior from her younger sibling and her loser boyfriend makes it hard for her. She is such a good person it breaks my heart that not only does she have to take care of her family members, she works hospice. That amazes me. It was hard enough to see my husband while he was in hospice, I can’t imagine doing it on a daily basis. That takes a very special character to deal with that. We had a great chat and caught up for the lost two years. She and her husband will be in town for the Super Bowl, so we plan to get together while they are here.
I didn’t eat much today, in fact since I took my Adderall I wasn’t hungry all day. I ate my lunch, but couldn’t get through a third of it. Sir will be disappointed to hear this, he likes it when I eat. He told me that he likes my body and that it is beautiful. Of course I would never go against Sir’s words, but I really liked my body better when I was a size two. I am working on myself, but Sir will have to realize that a happy sub makes for a happy Dom. I’d be more willing to do more and be naked more if I was smaller. Although food is the enemy now, I am looking forward to seeing Sir tomorrow for dinner.
Pigeon the new cat has totally become acclimated to his new surroundings and doesn’t care that the other cats are pissed off. Our male cat has acquiesced to him and has stopped hissing. I think it will just be a few more days before he is welcomed by the girl cats, one of which is his actual sister.
That’s all I have for tonight.


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