Tuesday Night With Sir

This is a day late because I was simply too tired to write last night and since I had seen Sir I knew he wouldn’t mind me skipping a day.

Tuesday was rather uneventful. I did however meet Sir for dinner. I go to bed early on work nights so we only had a short amount of time before I would need to leave. After dinner, when Sir requested I take off my underthings in the bathroom and stow them in my purse, I was quite taken aback. I knew we had little time left, but the thought of walking around in public without a bra on mortified me! I even sleep in one most of the time. I don’t like the feeling of “free-wheeling” that most women live for at the end of the day, I like them tucked away neatly in their little houses. Seeing that I was embarrassed and concerned about turning him down, Sir retracted his request. We then went to my car to chat. He explained that he will be very busy this week and weekend so we may not get together. I understand things come up, no big deal. 

As soon as he has time again, I know I’ll be the first person he contacts and that makes me happy.


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