Thursday, Just Not Typical

My work day was good, I got out four reports today. That makes me a rock star! I even stayed late to compile a report for the CEO that she wanted sent out today. More rock star-ed-ness! Well done, me!

I had my first session with the therapist. I took the kid along since she was the kid’s therapist first, she just said hello and waited for me to finish. Kid is no longer in therapy – kid is stable and well adjusted. Mommy, not so much. It was more of an orientation session rather than anything else. She asked about my previous diagnosis, my psychiatrist, and my meds. We touched on a few subjects, but superficially. She is going to research some coping mechanisms for me to try and we will just try a few at a time and see what works. Sounds like a decent plan to me, at least it’s not cut-and-paste or cookie-cutter type of coping skills offered to everyone. We’ll meet weekly for now. 

I contacted Sir while the kid and I were at dinner to let him know how things went. It was a very quick chat, but he knew beforehand that I wouldn’t be able to text him at our normal time since the therapist is in the suburbs and I live in the city. We will chat tomorrow, and that will be good.

In a span of 16 hours the new cat has not only broken a foot-tall hour glass and spilled all the sand and glass into my gas stove he has also spilled the kid’s Instant Breakfast all over the counter and the floor. I have no idea how he got the lid off the canister! Even the Dyson couldn’t pick up all of that powder, it was too fine. Everything will need to be put away very securely from now on. He’s also spilled a drink all over my iPad keyboard WHILE I was typing! Little idiot, but he’s our little idiot and we plan to keep him.

That’s my exciting day, I hope yours was well.


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