My low is not as bad as I was expecting last night, I was still down this afternoon and most of the evening. However, I have finished a few things today which is better than wallowing in my self-worthlessness. I managed to file five months of bills and paperwork and organize the papers I already have for my taxes. I feel better having accomplished that great feat, plus my guest room is in better order for my girlfriend and her husband who will be here Super Bowl weekend. I even took a shower today, but that was for Sir. I didn’t really think I would get there today, but I feel fresh at least.

Sir understood about my feelings last night and made the point that perhaps I was feeling down because of my lack of action during Tuesday’s dinner. Disappointing Sir is always emotional for me, especially when I reject an order or don’t follow through. My interactions with Sir have a direct affect on my emotions. It’s good that he is busy this weekend because I can reflect on how I’m feeling and maybe even get my laundry done. It’s two loads, It shouldn’t take me too long. I just hate putting it all away even though I love the feeling of having a closet and drawers full of clean clothes. The way the weather is here, I never know if I’ll need to wear a sweater or short sleeves, so having everything clean makes my mornings much smoother.

Sir is occupied this evening so we have finished speaking for the night. I am to text him when I awake tomorrow. I’m sure he will think I am ignoring him until I finally text him around 1 o’clock. Haha. I like to sleep in when I can, so I rarely keep my phone in my bedroom. If he texts me, I won’t respond in a timely fashion and may stir up some trouble for myself. He’ll understand, he knows about my sleeping patterns and that I wouldn’t ignore him intentionally. 

My college roommate and I are texting quotes from Muriel’s Wedding back and forth. Dang, that’s a funny movie. It just gets better the more you watch it. She has a way to get to make my heart smile, she always has. I need to take a road trip soon and visit her.

So to sum things up, I’m feeling a bit better.


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