Sunday, Unfunday – Chores To Be Done

I slept late today, it was eleven-fifty when I finally got up even though I was awake every hour on the hour after my four o’clock weekday med reminder alarm went off. I have no idea why I am sleeping so much on the weekends. I’m usually up around ten, which is late to a lot of people, but it’s early for me.

I texted Sir after I got up as I was fixing my first cup of coffee. He still hadn’t even had his coffee yet even though he was on his way to work. Ugh, Sunday work. That’s no fun. We chatted for a while, he asked what my day would entail. Mostly laundry, but I need to collect the trash and put it all into the wheelie bin so it’s out of the house. I’ve been working on the laundry all day, the last load is in the washer now. I still haven’t taken the trash out. It didn’t occur to me when Sir said that I take two days to plan for trash day that he was referring to the fact that tomorrow is a government holiday, no wonder he thinks I’m funny. I’m going to put it on the kid’s chore list for the week. The kid can do the grocery shopping to or I’ll just order them online again. I think it’s cheaper to order online than to have the kid do it. Hahaha. That’s really not funny; I think the kid is a bit spoiled.

Sir asked what I would be doing after work tomorrow. He wants to see me. Sir has his own timetable and I go to bed really early on weekdays because I have such trouble getting out of bed. I knew that meeting him for a session would be difficult and I wouldn’t get to bed on time, so I asked if he meant just for dinner. Of course he wants a session and made sure I would accept and be there. I am to text him when I am able to leave the office and meet him at six if I get off on time. He wanted to meet yesterday, but gave me a pass because of my low. I’m much better today so I agreed to meet him. I still doubt I’ll be able to leave at eight to get home and ready for bed, but we shall see. 

Sir asked me again if I had given him my log-in and password for the website where we met. Again I said I hadn’t. This time he asked me why? My response was a little sassy, but I didn’t think it was at the time and I certainly didn’t mean it to be. I told him that twice he asked if I had given it to him, and both times I said I hadn’t – he never directly asked me to give him the details. So he asked and I gave him the information letting him know that I had nothing to hide and I thought he could see everything I did on the sight since we are linked as Dom and sub. He explained that it was a show of my submission and willingness to surrender to him. I can understand that. He further explained that we will slowly work towards growing my submission while minding my lows for my wellbeing. I do love the way Sir watches out for my wellbeing. A good Dom should, but I think most Doms only watch out for physical wellbeing and not emotional as well. Luckily Sir does both.

I have agreed to communicate with Sir better during sessions. That is a behavior I will have to learn and teach myself. I’m used to being closed off, I just assume other people know my mood by my body clues. Obviously, that’s not actually the case ever. Being an introvert who is always watching and listening, I am hypercritical and notice the minute details of a person and their personality so I just assume everyone thinks the way I do. Sir just looks at the big picture, not the details. He doesn’t want to be bothered with the minutiae. So I will learn to express when I am really okay and when I’m truly not okay. I thought that my using “yellow” would express to him that he needed to ease up a little, but it has always stopped activity completely. I need to be more vocal about what I am feeling by using more than one word. 

I doubt I will have to work late tomorrow because most of the engineers will be out on sites, so I will write more about our session if I get home on real-time and not on Sir-time. Hahaha. Don’t get me wrong, Sir is terrific, he just has no timeline outside of his head. It’s like when you have a hair appointment at one and the hairdresser is still at lunch and doesn’t get to you until two-fifteen. Hairdresser-time, they have no idea that they are making you wait, you don’t pop into their head until they walk into the salon and look at the appointment book. Sir is deeply thoughtful so he doesn’t notice details like time. While I can usually guess the time within fifteen minutes, I doubt that’s a trick Sir could do – it’s just not in his nature. That’s why he calls it “big picture”, I call it “Sir Time”. Either way, it’s endearing to me even if I have to go to bed later than I like


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