Random Thoughts Wednesday

Why do cats follow you into the bathroom?

There is so much to pick up for the maid coming tomorrow. I’ll wait until the kid gets home. I need to relax for a while.

Dang, the litter box needs to be changed.

Socks and Oofos’ flip flops are okay when your heel hurts and your feet are cold. It’s not like someone is going to see me except the kid.

Of course the cat sat on my work laptop. She’s trying to send an IM to someone at the office. Great.

Glad the kid didn’t run into any high water today. That would have been expensive.

I can’t remember why I got up.

Cash! I remembered!

How did I get this scratch on my lip? That’s so weird.

I have therapy after work tomorrow. I bet if I leave at five it’ll take me longer to get there than if I leave at five-thirty. Traffic, pshh!

Butt plugs are just torture without the fun.

I’m just going to put Friends on again since I know all the episodes I won’t really have to pay attention and I can get the house in order.

Why can’t the kid put crap away? Gets it from me, I’m sure. Why is my office desk so OCD neat and my home not so much?

Christmas stuff if finally in the attic. That was the bulk of the mess around the house. I’ll do the rest in spurts. I have a few hours to take care of it all.

I should deposit that check. Eh, I’ll do it later. That is so lazy! It’s taking a freaking photo on my phone. I need to relax a little more.

Maybe I should put my winter shoes in one of those bins. I’m sure the maid is tired of picking up my shoes from all over the house.

I miss having U-Verse, now I have to wait for the phone to announce who’s calling instead of just looking at the TV screen.

Nuk? Is that the capital of Greenland? Maybe it’s in Iceland. I’d love to see Iceland.

I’ve pleased Sir, yay!

What am I going to do with all that coffee I ordered? I guess I could open it all and dump it into the box that’s already in the butler’s pantry. That should work.

I need to move those two empty crates before that cat makes it her permanent home.

Hmm, they picked up the recycling. I thought I had the wrong day. I guess since the yard guy came that would mean it *was* recycling week. Good for me. Now I need to break down all those boxes in the garage so they don’t attract roaches. When is Terminix supposed to come back. He hasn’t been here since October, he should be here this month.

Vet on Friday. Pigeon will not be happy with me.

[Shift + Enter} to make the new line on the report appendices. I never would have figured that out on my own. Thank goodness I have my counterpart to go to.

I can put my purses in the other crate! No more dust! That’s a good idea. Plus the kid loves going to The Container Store. Good summer project for the kid.

Clunker? Is that a crappy car or a pair of clogs?

Where am I going to put those Go-Pro accessories? Dang, I have too much stuff. I just got rid of so much! Freaking Christmas!

Why would PetSmart send me an email about the nearby flooding? I’m not opening it, I don’t need PetSmart’s advice from somewhere in like California to tell me what’s going on in a city I LIVE in. Dumb.

The maid has a lot of cat hair to deal with. I hope she uses the Dyson instead of the lint remover. So much less work. I can’t wait to have a clean house!

Of course, Buddy. I will take another test for you so you can get a job. This will be the fourth one. Luckily I know my stuff so she should do well.

Those were some convoluted tests. It’s really hard to rewrite bad English even when one is literate.

Luckily Sir is not upset with me for being a little late with my text. Whew!

I need a smoke, that was a major estimate letter I had to compose.

There is seriously a cat on every surface of my living room. I knew four was too many, but that dang Pigeon was too cute to pass up!

My thoughts were only from this evening, and now I am texting with Sir so here is where I leave you until tomorrow. My apologies for skipping last night, but I was just so darn tired!


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