Friday That Almost Wasn’t With Sir

I pinched a nerve in the base of my spine today. I have no idea how, but it hurts. That’s neither here nor there.

I was feeling low after I got my cat home from the vet. I pushed through it and changed out of my work clothes so I could meet Sir at “our place”. He suggested another place, but I like our usual spot and I didn’t want to have to figure out how to get to the new place in five o’clock traffic. I arrived first and texted Sir that I was in the parking lot. He was on his way. I decided since the rain had stopped I should take the opportunity to move into the building, so I told him where I would be. I was still low, but I stayed. When Sir arrived, he saw that I wasn’t in a good mood so we sat and talked for a minute. Still determined to go through with our date he told me to wait in my car while he took care of things. While in the car the mood took over, I started crying and I couldn’t stop. It wasn’t full on sobbing, but I couldn’t stop the tears. There was no catalyst for this change in mood. There was no defining moment that pushed me over the edge. There was nothing that would send me into a low or as the millennials say, “trigger” me. Nothing triggers my moods on average. Of course there are things that linger and make me low, but there wasn’t anything today that would have done that. Sir was persistent and encouraged me to go upstairs with him, so I did.

When we got to the suite he put my bag down and just held me for a few minutes. He left me in the living room telling me to stay put. I sat and waited trying to wipe my eyes and be a little more presentable. When Sir returned to the living room he held out his hand and led me into the bedroom. He had turned down the covers on the bed and it looked so inviting. I just wanted to curl up in a ball and forget about the world around me for a while. Instead of leading me straight to the bed, Sir undressed me. I thought he might leave my camilsole and underthings on, but he removed those as well. Sir helped me into the bed and covered me up. I did just as I wanted, I curled into a ball snuggling into the soft covers.

Sir undressed and got into bed with me saying, “It isn’t for sex, I think you need body to body touch.” Sir brought me to his side and held me tightly, my crying finally stopped and I just relished being in his arms as we further entwined our limbs. Considering we were both nude; I think Sir really had other intentions, but I didn’t resist. He squeezed, caressed, and cuddled me. It wasn’t long before Sir’s hands started wandering. I had no desire to stop him. The low was still affecting me, but I wanted to push through it for a change and I hoped Sir could help me out of my funk.

It wasn’t long before I agreed to continue with our planned session. He asked which I preferred, lying on my front or my back to which I responded my front. As I lay face down I hid my face in the pillow. Sir put a mask on me so I could turn my head towards Sir and breathe. There was no warm up today. Sir went full on Dom on me and started swatting me with the flogger, I had a feeling he would start with that and I was quite pleased he did. It doesn’t hurt too terribly, it’s only when the tips strike me on the sides or when he flings it really forcefully that it causes a good pain. Pain is a very nice release for me, Sir didn’t disappoint. He went through several of our implements and I was able to take a lot more than last time. My stamina may have been due to my low, but either way it was enjoyable. Sir kept checking on me to make sure I was fine. I was indeed.

There is a leather ottoman on wheeels in the living room and Sir had me lay down on it while he taped my right hand to my right ankle and left to left, legs and arms in the air. Sir asked if I was ready. I concurred. Out came the “bruiser”. Normally the bruiser is quite painful as it has raised nubs on it and can feel like pin-pricks along with a heaving spanking. I made it through the spankings. There were of course other implements, but the bruiser was the one I was most proud of getting through. Sir tried to pull me to the end of the leather ottoman by my ankles, but my naked back was stuck to it so all he managed to do was roll me across the floor. That made me laugh and lightened my mood emensly. 
When we went back into the bedroom Sir was ready to see if my weeks of dialating had worked. It took a couple of tries but Sir was successful, of course he kept checking that I was okay and enjoying it. I would just like to say that the large size wasn’t quite large enough to ready me for what was actually to come, but I survivied and enjoyed it because it pleases Sir.
I got to talking with the kid when I got home so I forgot to text Sir that I made it safely. Maybe there is a funishment in my future!


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