Therapy Thursday

Change to the blog starting today. I am to start each blog with five positives regardless of how minor they may seem, so here goes.

1. I remembered the donuts for work this morning and everyone ate them all.

2. The kid had a great day, so that makes me happy.

3. I was not in a low today, I think I can see the ledge I fell off of finally.

4. I had a good therapy session, she will send me some coping skills to try.

5. My mood seems relatively light.

Now back to reality. I was late to work which upsets me, but I did make it in time to get the donuts set up and make a fresh pot of coffee for employee appreciation day. I accomplished nothing while working. I think I sent one email about my doctor’s appointment on Monday afternoon, and one email giving an update although there was no actual update. I read the internet all day.

On my way out to the suburbs to meet my therapist, I managed to get behind every single person on the freeway who leaves five car lengths in front of them in otherwise bumper to bumper traffic. That really drives me nuts! What’s worse is when you switch lanes get way ahead of them and then they pass you! Grr!
Slow day, not much to report. I am supposed to meet Sir tomorrow. I don’t know what time yet; I have to work late to finish making up for missing Monday. So more on Saturday most likely unless I get home at a reasonable hour on Friday night.

Major update: The Queen of England is missing! While Bryn and I were in London last Christmas we bought several London themed tree ornaments. One of those ornaments was of The Queen of England. Maisie found her early on when the tree first went up. Once the tree and other decorations were put away I thought I was done. Then Pigeon shows up with the Queen of England in his mouth. I took it from him and placed it on the kitchen bar to put away later. Her hang-thread is still on the bar, the Queen herself is missing. Don’t tell Britain, I’ll find her as quickly as I can!


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