Friday Without Sir

So as instructed I am starting with my positives from today.

My five positives for the day:

1. I packed up my $600 return items and put them out to go back to Amazon.

2. I got the letter to my CPA signed and ready to mail.

3. I put the SignAd tax documents into an envelope ready to be mailed to them with a note asking them to update their address since Jim has been dead for two years now.

4. I left work early and worked from home which was way more comfortable.

5. I was able to exchange the decaffeinated tea for regular tea this morning.

My positives aren’t in order, they are just in order as they came to my head.
I was told that a new report would be coming my way which needed to go out tonight. My coworker didn’t get the report to me until around five. I exported it, added the appendices and the bookmarks, then I realized that the section titles weren’t properly formatted. That meant I had to go back into the report change everything so it would be uniform and export it again followed by remaking the bookmarks. I just finally got it all done. Wow, what a day! I made sure to copy my boss on the final email so that she was aware that I worked late. She was out of the office today so I had to make sure that she knew how late I was working. I never want to feel like I am stealing hours from the company. I work a minimum of 40 hours, and I like to have documentation for that to back up my time sheet especially when I miss a day during the week.
I apologize for disappointing you; I have no encounter with Sir tonight. He offered dinner, but I really didn’t know how long it would take me to do this report. It was a good thing I didn’t agree to dinner since I had to redo the report once I had already finished it. I miss him, I want to see him soon. I have a friend coming over tomorrow so I can’t see Sir then. I plan to buy and plant some trees to replace three I lost over the past four years on Sunday. That makes Sunday out of the question as well. Maybe we can meet for dinner. I’d like that, at least I would get to see him even if we can’t have a session. I really hope my mom (who is a Master Gardner) will help me plant these trees and pick them out in the first place. I’d like some fast growing trees so they will block the late afternoon/evening sun.
I placed a dinner order for delivery only to be told that they don’t deliver after six at night. I guess I won’t eat dinner. There is nothing here that I want to eat, and I’ve had a vodka drink already so I’m really not hungry.
I feel so badly for canceling on Sir once again. I am to be punished, he said. I am okay with that, I deserve it. I want to show him and prove my devotion to him so I will take any punishment he gives me so that we can wipe the slate clean again. I’m very lucky that I have a kind and understanding Sir. He makes me feel beautiful when I don’t, cherished when I don’t, sexy when I don’t, and he makes me laugh. We have good banter. I admit that I’m pretty bratty, but that’s only because I haven’t learned how to fully give up control and fully submit to him. He is very patient, so I will learn.
That’s my story for tonight. I hope yours is more exciting!

Sir and I had another really bad miscommunication. He knows that I drink, and I drink a lot. He asked me to write an essay about the effects of alcohol on women. I wrote the essay. Instead of just responding that he appreciated my effort, he followed up with asking me a bunch of questions. Instead of answering his questions I told him that I know that I have issues and that I am working on my issues as per his suggestions. I felt attacked, but apparently he didn’t mean it to be an attack. We separated, that was the end of us. Then I responded to his email and we managed to talk things out via text. Sir agreed to lay off his criticism of my alcohol consumption. It took a little more back and forth before we both agreed that we wanted to be with each other. Sir and I are now fine. I am very happy about that. 


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