Just a Sunday

Sorry there was no blog yesterday, I appreciate your readership, but I had a friend over and she spent the night.
I’ve had a few positives today:

1. I turned some ‘should’s into ‘did’s.

2. I took out the trash.

3. I emptied the dishwasher and reloaded it.

4. I stamped and put out the mail for tax info.

5. I scooped the litter box
The kid came back from the dad’s house today, we are going to go do something. Not sure what, but I’m sure dinner will be involved. 
The new mat for inside the back door arrived yesterday. It is already fraying on one corner, my guess is The Terror had something to do with that. The cats were very intrigued by the new smell, but The Terror was especially interested in the mat. He’s a terror, but he cracks me up. Such a silly cat.
Cleaned my eyeglasses! Yay another accomplishment! Kidding. I do have a long list of things I need to get done around the house, but that will be a slow process. I’m happy with the few accomplishments I made today and I am not going to stress or dwell on the other things.
Since I was unable to meet Sir this weekend, and since we had that terrible misunderstanding, I am hoping to meet him for dinner. He sounded like he wanted to meet tonight, but I already promised the kid that we would so something since we have been apart all weekend. Maybe we can meet for dinner this week. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow so I might get home earlier than usual. That could be a possibility, I’ll have to check with him and see what his schedule looks like for tomorrow. I’m sure we will get together this week, I just don’t know when. 
I felt badly about canceling on Friday, but at least I earned some overtime so I’m happy about that. Every little bit helps. Plus the engineer was estactic that she could send out the report Friday night. I like working with her, she always tells my boss what a good job I’m doing. She’s also very positive about the things I get done for her. There’s another report due next week which I will work on with my counterpart since it’s a different client that I haven’t worked for yet. We’ll do it via video conference, this should be interesting.
I haven’t heard back from Sir about my meeting on Monday idea. I have no idea what his schedule is like today. He might be working or he might be with family. Either way, I’m sure he’s busy and will get back to me when he has a chance. I’ll keep you posted.

Sir will be busy this week so I actually don’t know when I will see him again. Sorry, no Sir stories for you this week. I’ll keep posting as I have been instructed, but it won’t be as interesting as some of my past posts.


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