Saturday With a Friend

While I wait on my friend to come visit, here are my five positives for today.

1.  Mary Tyler Moore is a very funny show, I’ve been entertained all day.

2.  The house is in decent shape, I just need to unload and load the dishwasher and take out the trash. (“Shoulds” I need to take care of soon).

3.  I’m not low today. After the argument I had with Sir last night I was sure we were done. I’m glad we worked it out.

4.  I got the last minute report out last night only having to redo it once. Luckily I’m well versed in Adobe and was able to fix the single mistake left after the second export. I made sure to copy my boss so she knew I worked late.

5.  After reading some of the entries on Stigma, I’m not doing so badly. I’m not happy about other people’s misery, I’m just happy that I’m not as bad off today.
I’m pretty sure my neighbor threatens or throws things at my one outdoor cat Bear. When our fence fell down between our houses Jim was still alive. We were both at a loss for words when they neighbor suggested putting a gate in the fence so he and his wife could pop over whenever they wanted. The neighbor and his drunk friend took two months to build the dang fence and the gate in the middle of it. Well, the gate doesn’t close properly. It’s hard to use a level when you’re three sheets to the wind by ten AM. We share a yard guy and he never closes the gate (not that he could). Anyway, Bear and I were out on the patio when I heard the neighbor walking through his grass. Bear heard it as well and darted for the patio door. As soon as I saw the neighbor in the open gate trying to close it Bear was trying his hardest to make the patio door open. Add that behavior to the fact that I heard him hit the fence last week and Bear came running back into my yard and straight tot he door all leads me to believe he is mean to my cat. Tit for tat I supposed since I hate his dog. She never shuts up!
I’m supposed to go out and buy and plant three trees tomorrow. I just don’t see that happening unless my mother pushes me to get it done. Another “should” my therapist would be dismayed to hear that I ignored. I plan to sleep late again. Those Remeron pills make me so hungover and sleepy I can’t wait to get off of them. I don’t see the psych until the tenth, it can’t come soon enough. On a lighter note I get to start seeing my therapist at 2 on Fridays so I don’t have to deal with traffic anymore. 
I’m so tired, I hope my friend cancels. I’d like to just sit here and veg for a while before I got to bed early.


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