Random Thoughts Tuesday

Positives for today:

  1.  I am in a decent mood, not low.
  2. We have two new employees starting soon, that means business is good.
  3. I’m not hungry; day two off the Remeron.
  4. I’ll get my new scripts for Adderall this afternoon.
  5. I don’t have any meetings today.

Maybe I should fix my lunch. I’m not hungry but I need to eat before it gets too late in the day.

I forgot to do those expense reports, eek! I’ll do them after I eat.

My dry mouth is better today, still a little dry but not bad.

Meds! I need to take my meds…

Sir should definitely get this text since it went through as an MMS, the last one went through as an SMS. He must have been in an elevator or deep inside a building.

I overcooked my eggs. Ick, they’re hard. I’m not eating that.

I have to leave early today to pick up my scripts and drop them at the drug store. I hope I don’t forget.

My prescription is ready but I’ll pick it up tomorrow, I think I have one left anyway.

Okay, fifteen minutes then I will leave to meet Sir.

Maybe I should eat something. Never mind, I already brushed my teeth. I wonder if he’ll want a bottle of water. I have one in the car from last time, I’ll bring him that.

The beeping of trucks backing up really aggravates my misophonia. I can’t stand it!

I went out with a guy who wore partial dentures. I was young, so was he. I knew the date was over when he took it out at dinner. Gross. Leave that crap in your mouth!

I really need to leave to meet Sir. I’ll try to write when I return if he doesn’t keep me  out too late as usual.

UPDATE: I met with Sir.

There was of course punishment involved. Twelve swacks with a cane to each of my feet and hands. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to type after those, they were quite forceful. I can still feel one of the belt point of connection on one of my cheeks. The rest have subsided to just a tingling. The punishment was not as bad as last time, I am happy we are back to a clean slate.


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