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Let’s start with the positives as usual:

  1. I was early to work (as promised to Sir).
  2. People seem to be in a good mood this morning.
  3. I’ll get some reports to do this week.
  4. I have enough miles to fly coach with the Kid to Paris this year.
  5. The super cheap hotel in the Bastille is still around and still cheap.


My friend and her drama came over last night and the drama was huge. She’s been unemployed for a while now so she can’t afford to stay in her house – I believe she is renting it out. She was staying with her mom but got into a fight with her mother’s husband so she moved to her sister’s. When her sister refused to give her a key, they got into a fight. Now she is staying with me. (Why am I so nice?) I have no idea how long she will be staying with me, but at least she’ll do some errands for me while she’s here. She is doing my grocery shopping today. I hate grocery shopping. I tried bribing the kid to go for me yesterday but that was denied, the Kid hates it too. I might have her take Pigeon to the vet to check the lump on his spine and to get him fixed before he starts spraying around the house. I should also have her take my car in to get the dent fixed, but I’ll decide on that later. I’m not ready to fix it just yet. I did manage to back out of the garage this morning without hitting her  car again – that is how it got dented in the first place. American car vs. German car – American car wins. She doesn’t even have a scratch on hers and I will need to replace the hatch and the bumper on mine!

I noticed yesterday when I was wheeling in my recycle bin that I still have a ton of Christmas boxes that need to be broken down and binned up. My exact thought was, I need to break those down before it gets too hot to work in the garage. Which basically meant I had no immediate plan to break down those boxes. One of our employees is moving to a client site in another state and just told me today she needs boxes. Now I have incentive and the motivation to do it so I can help her out. That will free up more space in the garage too. Not that the Kid parks in the garage, but it will be available in the event of bad storms or something.

With my friend coming over and staying I didn’t get to do two things last night that I really wanted to do. 1. Work on my novel: I’ve gotten to page 230 so I’m getting close to actually writing again instead of just editing. 2. Chat with Sir for an hour like we normally do. I need some Sir time every day or I feel like something is missing in my life. I think that will please him, I haven’t really expressed anything like that to him before.

I’m not sure how my friend staying over will affect my plan to travel this weekend. I trust her, I just don’t know if I should leave her alone. Maybe she’ll want to go with me, she’s met my friend before and they got along famously. She might like a little trip out of town to forget about things for a weekend.

I’m also not sure how or when I will see Sir again. He knows I will be gone this weekend, I know he is very busy Tuesdays through Thursdays. That doesn’t leave any time we can meet for dinner much less a session. I know that will not please him. The fact that I am getting out of the house more does though. I’m slowly coming out of isolating myself. I’ve even considered going shopping, but I am trying to curb my spending. I need to get a handle on my budget and stop spending more than I make. I really don’t even know the total of my bills each month, I need to figure that out. Okay, I figured it out – it’s not as bad as I thought. It still doesn’t leave me much, but enough not to have to worry about it.

After I just finished typing that I am trying to curb my spending; I am taking my car in tomorrow to have it fixed. Maybe they can show me how to install that dang bike rack properly so it doesn’t fall off the back of the car again. What a pain that was, luckily a nice guy stopped and helped us load the bike and rack into the car while the Kid rode the other bike home to get the right keys. It should not be that hard, I don’t think they installed the trailer hitch properly because the rack doesn’t go all the way into it. Obviously there’s a problem somewhere. Either it’s the wrong trailer hitch for my car or the wrong bike rack for the car. I’d like to be able to go biking soon. At least I won’t be putting the travel miles on my car this weekend, they’ll go on the rental car. I hate rental cars. Last time I got a Jeep which wasn’t so bad but I’ve gotten ugly little Dodges before and once they gave me a mini-van, that was the worst! People don’t like mini-van drivers and now I know why, slow, slug-like, turds on the road. If there’s a back up for no reason, you can bet a mini-van is at the front of the line.

I just saw a woman in the parking garage who works in the building wearing house-shoes. I can understand wearing slippers while at your desk, but out in public? That’s odd. Maybe she forgot she had them on. They weren’t even nice slippers, they were ratty and dirty. Keep that crap at home or spend the ten dollars and get a new pair.

I had a nice surprise when I got home, my friend had straightened up the house, gone to the grocery store, and cooked a lovely Tuscan soup for dinner. That was pretty much my day, I never got the report I was promised so I’ll have to re-export everything again when it finally comes back to me.

Ta ta for now!


Monday Without Sir

Let’s see if I can find five positives today:

  1. The A/C isn’t broken, the kid turned on the heat while I was gone this weekend.
  2. It’s cooling off finally.
  3. I have TBS again.
  4. I got a report out today with no assistance.
  5. Pigeon is in rare form this evening, but he’s found another one of my pens.

My Monday started off by me being late to work. No big deal, I worked through lunch. Working through lunch meant I didn’t get to chat with Sir much. He was with his kids last night so we didn’t chat then either, but that’s never an issue. We’ll chat tonight at our normal time.
My boss’ last day was Friday and I didn’t know that and ordered her a really nice pen as a going away present. It was supposed to arrive today but has been delayed until Wednesday the day she leaves the state. Luckily, a lady at corporate will be able to forward it to her.
My friend is apparently going out of her mind so she is coming over to drink my wine. Drama seems to follow her, I really hope she doesn’t ask me for money. This will probably mean that I will miss my texting time with Sir, but I will absolutely kick her out by nine if she is still here.
That’s it, it was a pretty uneventful day.

Sunday With Sir

Apparently, Sir and I were doing a little prairie-dog sort of check up on each other this morning. Each time one of us woke up we would lift our heads to see if the other one in the opposite room was awake yet. Seeing the other still asleep, we would go back to sleep. Eventually I awoke and saw that the sofa was empty. Sir was on the phone in the bathroom so as not to disturb me. I turned on Friends and made myself a cup of coffee to settle down on the sofa for a minute. When I finished my coffee, I started gathering my things and packing my bag before straightening up the two rooms. Sir came out and once we were dressed we went down for breakfast.

This weekend was a true test. Sir proved to be very kind and understanding. Yesterday, we went out for lunch, then to Starbucks, and then Sir surprised me with a trip to the toy store. We picked up suction cup restraints for the shower, and a couple of other items. When we were back in the car he told me he wanted to buy me a present. Given his kindness and the world of opportunities I suddenly felt overwhelmed and pressured and I broke down in tears. He changed his mind and we went back to the hotel. We laid in bed and he held me while I cried. Once I had calmed down and he made me wash my face, I put on some makeup and we went to a nice seafood place for dinner. Since I don’t eat seafood, I got the filet, Sir did too. It was a nice dinner and my spirits were a bit lifted but I was still down. When we got back to the hotel, he encouraged me to take my med. I did and we settled down to watch a comedy. It was really funny, and I was able to laugh. The movie ended around eleven and I had taken my Lunesta, so I headed to bed. I fell asleep pretty quickly so I don’t know what time Sir fell asleep. 

This morning after breakfast, Sir held me again. We relished our last few minutes together. Housekeeping knocked as we were finishing packing up so I let her in and we gathered our bags. Sir said goodbye to me at my car and we parted. I learned a few things this weekend; I need my alone time now and again, and I am not ready to live with someone just yet. That’s not to say I didn’t have a good time with Sir, I certainly did. He is fun to be around and when I wasn’t down, we had a very good time. He did tell me that next time we meet he would not be as kind and understanding. We will be having a session and he plans to make up for not having one this weekend. I concur.

The rest of my day will consist of doing a few chores around the house and of course, taking out the trash.

Saturday With Sir

I awoke early, before eight, but I stayed in bed trying to get more sleep. When the breakfast arrived at 8:45 I finally decided to get out of bed. I plan to have breakfast in the room again tomorrow. I really thought I would want to leave today, but I actually do feel relaxed and happy. 

We had a sensual morning, I’ve had to turn the maids away twice now. Hopefully they will get in here while we are out for lunch. Sir is taking a nap. I think he is a heavy sleeper. He slept on the sofa last night so I don’t know how much he worked and how much he slept.

More later, I promise.
UPDATE: The blues got me, I have been between a state of zombie-like exisitance and crying. Sir has been very understanding. I feel like I let him down again, again, and again.

Friday’s The Day

Five positives, first:

  1. I was early to work, that’s two weeks straight now if anyone is counting. I’m sure the boss people are.
  2. I did a report all by myself including all the exports.
  3. I am seeing Sir tonight to start our weekend getaway.
  4. I know we will dine some where delicious.
  5. I have a therapy session today. I usually feel pretty good after those sessions.


Today is the day I meet Sir for our weekend together. I’ve never spent the night with him, in fact I haven’t slept in the same bed as someone else since my husband died almost two years ago. Tomorrow would have been our 11th wedding anniversary. <sad face>


I actually packed for the weekend last night. Now I am second guessing what I packed. I’ll have to go through it when I get home from work. I know I need to go through the toy bag, it’s way to full and we don’t use a lot of stuff that is in it. There probably isn’t enough time to do that before I need to leave for therapy. I’m still a little nervous about spending the whole weekend together. That’s a long time. I know I keep writing about it, but I’m really concerned. Sir tells me to relax and enjoy it, easier said than done. I’m sure I’ll be fine once I get there, I always have an anti-anxiety med if I need it.


So that’s it so far. I’ll write about the weekend when I am able.

UPDATE: Friday afternoon

Two upsetting things happened. I had a very teary therapy session because of things that are stuck in my head, I cried for the whole hour. Second, I talked to her about the fact that tomorrow would have been my 11th anniversary with my late husband. More tears. Obviously I’m not in the most up of moods. We will not be having a session tonight. I feel like such a disappointment which makes my mood and worthlessness even stronger. Maybe spending some time with Sir over the next two days will get me into the right state of mind. There are apparently some events going on at the hotel. Tons of kids, teens running around, and separately, adults wearing name-tags drinking champagne in the lobby. The suite seems quite enough. No construction, neighbors are fairly far away, but the ice machine is next door. It sits behind our walk-in closet in the sitting room so hopefully we won’t hear it.

Sir offered to postpone our weekend, but I am already at the hotel so I declined his offer. The description of the Corner King Room indcluded “sitting area”. This hotel considers one chair a seating area. I called down to ask for a suite since Sir will wake early and try to get some work done without waking me. They said they didn’t have one for us. So I settled down and turned on the TV to listen to while I updated my blog. Five minutes later the front desk manager called me back and gave me a suite another guest gave up. It even has a doorbell! I feel like Holly Golightly, lol. I wish I had her swan-like neck.

Sir will arrive whenever he gets all his loose ends tied up. I’m not concerned, I like to eat late anyway. I’m kind of leaning towards room service, but he has selected a steak house that’s not all that close. Either way, it will be good.

More later or tomorrow.

Sir arrived and all my anxiety disappeared. He hugged me nice and tight for a good while, the tightness that encompasses my ribcage released, his hand on my face made the concerned look melt away, being held by his strong arms made me feel safe and content again. I don’t know why I have such anxiety before I am supposed to meet him, he always proves it wrong. I was right that I wasn’t ready for a session tonight. We went out to dinner at the steak house. It was very good and he only made a joking comment telling me to eat more, but it was a joke. One of my concerns this weekend was that he would see what, how, when, and how little I eat. He promised it wasn’t a big deal. Tonight showed me it wasn’t a big deal, I probably only ate 1/3rd on my plate and he just made a joke. Was it a jokey-joke or was it a there’s truth behind that joke? Either way, I had a good meal and I feel comfortable.

 We are going to watch Manchester By The Sea in a short while, I brought my Amazon Fire TV with me so we didn’t have to pay the ridiculous hotel prices for movies this weekend. All I know about it is that it has been nominated for a bunch of pointless awards. Ooh, you can pretend to be someone really well! Here’s a trophy. Stupid. Awards shows for celebrities annoy and bother me. Please don’t hate me for saying that, I just don’t understand the purpose. If someone does their job well, give them a raise, we don’t need to see them all gathered around salivating over a $20 statue. So we’re going to watch this moving as soon as he’s done working. He only has a little bit to do then we will get to it.

Okay, seriously, that’s all for tonight. I’m well tired and I want to see this movie before I fall asleep.

Thursday, The Day Before The Weekend With Sir

Five positives:

  1. On time to work again.
  2. Although I had a discussion about a report I worked on this week with the boss guy, I also got praise afterwards.
  3. The ice cream social I planned was very well received and everyone partook of the yumminess (except me, no carbs).
  4. I got a report out today that didn’t require multiple edits like the one I had to discuss with boss guy.
  5. One of the other principle specialists has decided to use my services instead of my counterpart.
  6. I was slated by one of the company owners to help pilot/administrate a new SharePoint project they are thinking of rolling out.

Tomorrow I have a short work day. I only work 7:30 until 11:30, that’s my new Friday schedule. I’m trying to get my therapy session moved to 1:00 so my day out in the world is shorter. When I was working until 1 it was great that my appointment was at 2, it gave me just enough time to get out to the suburbs to her office. Now that I get off at 11:30, a 2 o’clock appointment cuts into my afternoon. She said she can change it eventually, in a few weeks at the most. That’s good news. I need to remember to tell her that I won’t be seeing her next week since I’m traveling to see my college roommate.

Have you ever met one of those people who has to tell you about all their accomplishments and how great they are at so many things? I work with one of them. He is so very proud of himself, it’s truly bizarre. Unfortunately he is one of the boss guys so I can’t really get away from it. It’s just weird to me.

I have no idea what to pack for my weekend with Sir. I don’t know what our plans are so I don’t know how I need to dress. I’ll be in jeans tomorrow, so dinner will either be someplace casual or in the hotel restaurant. What do I wear during the day? He likes the electric blue babydoll, so that’s a must. I just need to find it. I think I washed it, but I haven’t fixed the strap yet. I could wear it like I did the last time and tie it to the other strap, wonky boobs and all. I also have a couple he hasn’t seen on me yet, those will go into the bag. Plus, I want a pair of comfy pjs for lounging. I’ll figure it out. I plan to pack between getting off work and going to therapy. I should be at the hotel before 4 so I can get situated. I don’t know when Sir will arrive, I assume it will be between 6 and 8. I’m still both excited and trepidatious.

I worked on my book a little tonight, that made me feel a little accomplished. I need to get to the end where I left off so I can get back to writing instead of editing.
The Kid just told me that the dad is taking care of his mother because she had knee surgery so the Kid will be home alone all weekend. That was a surprise. Kid said my mother will be fun to hang out with, so problem solved. I don’t really like leaving the Kid alone at home even though 16 is old enough, I feel like a neglectful mom when I do. We have plans to visit a potential college on April 3rd. I’m excited, Kid is excited too. I need to remember to ask for the time off when I get to work tomorrow.

Not much else is going on with me today, and it’s almost time to chat with Sir. This is where I leave you. Good night.


Positives first!

  1. I was on time to work even though I thought I wouldn’t be.
  2. I was able to put my makeup on while I waited for the client to arrive.
  3. The big client meeting went smoothly.
  4. My group was thankful.
  5. I’m in my comfy PJs watching Friends.

I seriously just looked up “Sesame Street Stage Set” to see if it looked the way I remembered it. It does. It was sad when Mr. Hooper died. I liked how Big Bird always called him “Mr. Looper”. 1234-5, 678910… 11, twel-el-el-el-el-el-elve! Such a great kids show.

I had an appointment today to get another tattoo. I think I’m too tired to go to it. Sir is against tattoos, but says I can do as I please in that respect. This will be my final one. I’d like it on my ribcage, I know that’s a tough spot and it’s going to hurt but I can’t think of anywhere else to put it. It’s meaningful so I want to have it close to my heart.

I only had a short chat with Sir around lunchtime today. I was busy, lunch was being delivered, one of the managers was talking to me, and I was manning the front desk; I didn’t have a whole lot of time to chat. I think he was driving anyway which isn’t a good time to text. We’ll chat again this evening. He went to bed early last night so we didn’t get to chat which worried me at first, but then I reasoned with myself and finally went to bed. I am very tired today, but he was very kind to respond to me this morning so I wouldn’t worry.

The Kid is singing and playing the guitar. I love being serenaded. The Kid is a bit annoyed with me at the moment. My cooking instructions are not the greatest. The Kid cooked a pizza, and asked if I thought it was cooked all the way, here’s how it went:

Kid:  Do you think this is cooked all the way?

Me:  Stick your finger in the middle of it.

Kid: No! It’ll be hot!

Me:  Not if it’s not cooked all the way.

Kid: OUCH!

Me: It’s cooked all the way.

Kid:  I don’t like your cooking methods! <snarky voice> Cook them until they explode!

Kid asked how long to microwave hot dogs once and my response was, “until they explode”. How do I know? That was the late husband’s job.

I am currently studying three languages. I am brushing up on my French for when I take the Kid to Paris this Christmas. I am also taking Spanish and German with the kid on an app where we can follow each other. When I studied Italian I kept getting it confused with my French. The French responses were just natural, it took a good two months before I was able to respond in Italian comfortably.  I have no idea how three at once will go. I doubt I’ll learn anything except the French. Sir encourages me to learn other languages and thinks I need to learn Arabic. I think that would be very difficult. I’ve never studied a language with a different alphabet from English, I think I would have to go at it like I did with French and start with children’s books. Of course with Arabic I would have to start with the alphabet books. It’s intriguing for sure, but I still think it would be difficult. I just did part of my German lesson and I retained what I had learned last night, so that’s pretty good. I’m not ready to head to Berlin or anything, but that could be the next trip the kid and I take after Paris.

My friend who had surgery has had an allergic reaction to the pain med they put him on. That’s brutal. I had a reaction to penicillin in my late teens, my hands and feet swelled and the itching was inconsolable! Poor guy. I hope he heals pretty quickly. His wife is being the trooper though, she is so strong. I sent them dinner last night even though I didn’t think he would be able to eat it, he did and they liked it. I’m so pleased.

Time to chat with Sir!

Tuesday Thoughts

Before I write down my random thoughts on this Tuesday, here are five positives for today.

  1. Everyone enjoyed the parfait bar this morning.
  2. I’m getting a lot done around the office today.
  3. I saw my mom today.
  4. I get to send a nasty email to the Kid’s dean. It’s not a school year unless I can ream him out about something. That school drives me crazy sometimes!
  5. The Kid has a 3.8 GPA, top 20% in school.
  6. Kid also found a school with the desired major/minor within our state. Five hours away is better than 11 hours!



I’m a little nervous with all these big-wigs here, I shouldn’t be I’ve been around upper management for over 15 years. Why am I anxious?


I’ve been too busy for random thoughts this morning.


Sir liked the hotel I picked out for our weekend getaway. It’s nice, I’ve stayed there a couple of times before. Plenty to do without having to leave.


Day ten with no carbs. Cravings are gone for now.


There is a high-pitched tone that is setting off my misophonia and I have no idea where it’s coming from so I can’t stop it. Grr.


I can’t believe I’ve finally stopped running around. It’s far from over though, I have a room to set up still.


FOUND IT! The high-pitched tone was coming from the thermostat. I just adjusted it and my anxiety level has gone back down now.


Ooh, I have snackies!


My lips are dry. Ick.


I’m taking a break.


I’ve sweated three times today. Maybe the thermostat is a little too far up.


Mmm, Diet Pepsi


Computer is mailed, conference room is set up, kitchen is clean… Now what will I do? Two more hours to go.


The DM has been really bad lately. Too many stories on celebrities and Trump, not enough real news stories. Copying a bunch of posts from Reddit does not make for a news story.


How do I have a headache? I took an Aleve this morning for my foot, shouldn’t that have staved off the headache?


They need to hurry up with that agenda if they want it printed this afternoon.


I hope that college gets back to us relatively quickly, I have no idea how early I need to ask for the time off.


Ugh, I have to wear pantyhose tomorrow. I can’t remember the last job I had where I wore pantyhose. My legs do look good in black hose though. I’ll have to send a photo to Sir.


I should really check my Amex statement. Man! I need to curb my spending. That’s a ridiculous bill! I’m sorry I looked. Oh wait, my property taxes were on this one. Whew! That’s not so bad then.


My Diet Pepsi has a faulty cap, it’s flat. Yuck.


Yay! I get to leave early today since I’ll be in early tomorrow!


I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday. I have done so much today it feels like a week has gone by.


I just overheard that someone is getting a Samsung TV. They’re going to have to pull it apart and snip that tiny wire if they don’t want it to flicker. Luckily, my friend’s husband is an engineer and he did it for me. Hasn’t flickered since.


My desk is immaculate! I love it!


The last time I started this at the office it didn’t save it properly, I’m mailing it to myself this time for sure. I don’t want to have start from the beginning.
I just figured out why I couldn’t find my post last time. I’m learning the nuances of WordPress as I go.

Why are so many people infatuated with celebrities? I simply don’t understand.

Demenia must be so hard to deal with in it’s early stages. You know what you want your brain to do but your brain checks out. I’ve just started wearing glasses and no matter how hard I try to focus on print, I simply can’t. That’s hard enough after years of 20/15 vision. I can’t imagine the frustration with earaly dementia. 

I’m so glad my friend came out of surgery very well and is back home already eating solid foods. They’re going to have the meal I had delivered to them tonight. Yay! I helped!

I feel bad about not letting the middle cat out. I’d rather a sad cat than a dead cat. She’s not that bright, she’ll run off and get hit by a car. I’m actually surprised the oldest one hasn’t had more issues going outside. I really wanted to keep him in but being born feral makes him a pain in the butt when he wants to go outside.

So I got a discount on Rosetta Stone from work and started the download on my iPad only to find out that I had to put it on Mac or PC. After talking to three agents, I was told to download it onto my PC and I would be able to access it on my tablet. I hope this works. It’s taking forever to download onto my PC.

Okay, I have to deal with Rosetta Stone for a while. 

Monday Mania


  1. I was early to work.
  2. I finally got that report out.
  3. The new garage door opener works perfectly.
  4. I was able to work from home so I didn’t lose any hours at work.
  5. I got my meds refilled (even though I had to self-pay, grr!)

I got to my desk and began on the report that had to go out today. First export, a few errors. Second export, even fewer errors, but it still needs tweaking. I need to go home at this point because the Sears guy is coming to replace my garage door opener. I pack up my laptop and head home, he shows up five minutes after I get home and five minutes before I get the call saying he would be there in 15 minutes. I love when people are on time or early. I get back to working on the report while he is installing the new opener. He shows me all the bells and whistles, we program the outside keypad, then even programs the button in my car. He liked my car, apparently it was very simple to program, it only took him a few seconds. I sent the report one more time, but now I need to pick up some things so I combine my lunch hour with an office errand.

I get to the drugstore to pick up my meds, they aren’t ready and insurance won’t pay for them. The doc treats people with addiction so he doesn’t even hand out a paper prescription he emails the drugstore. He also doesn’t do refills. You get a one month supply, then you have to go back and see him to get your next month of meds. My insurance will only pay for a 90-day supply. Also, one of the drugs I am on doesn’t come in 90mg so there are actually two prescriptions in 60mg and 30mg. The insurance company will only pay for one of the prescriptions because they are the same drug. Ridiculous that I am insured and still paying out of pocket.
Next stop is to pick up my favorite salad from the shop next to the grocery store since the grocery store is my final stop. No problems at the shop so I get back into my car and head to the grocery store.

We have two “socials” this week as a celebration. Tomorrow is the make your own yogurt parfait, so I got yogurt, berries, and granola cereals for that. I think I bought way too much yogurt, but we have mostly guys in the office so I bet they will eat it all within the week. Our next one is an ice cream sundae bar. I think I bought way too much ice cream, but again the guys will probably finish it off so it’s okay. I load all the groceries into the back of my car. I forgot to mention that today was torrential rain and the Kid has all of my umbrellas.

I get to the office and park my car deciding what to take in first. I grab my drink, my purse, my salad, my laptop, and I decide I’ll get the cart for the rest of it. Upstairs, I put my things down, get the key for the storage room, and go get the cart. Downstairs again. I get to my car and realize I left my car key upstairs. My car is keyless so I always forget about the key. Once I left the car with the valet without leaving the key and they had to leave it running the whole time I was in the restaurant. Hahaha, I’m so absent-minded sometimes. I leave the cart in the garage and hope it will be there when I return. Back upstairs. I fish out my keys and head for the elevators. The cart is still there so I open my car and do my best to balance all these bags on it. First ramp to get to the elevator in the garage a few bags drop off. Okay, back on the cart, hills noted. Pull the cart down the next ramp and push it up the following, press the handicap access button and make it to the building elevators without losing anything. I remembered the storage room key, so when I get back to our floor I go in the back way so I can access the fridge in the storage room back there. Everything fits perfectly, and I will be ready to serve a tasty treat for everyone tomorrow.

It turns out there was one page on the report that didn’t update to the correct date, but the principle specialist took care of it himself. Whew! Report complete and ready to go out.

The last three hours of my day were much longer than the first seven. Ten hour days are brutal to me, but they won’t let me take a thirty minute lunch. Boo. Sir works way more hours than I do, I just don’t know how he does it. It’s amazing to me.

Sir and I had a nice text chat this evening. He sent me a poem written from the point of view of a female sub. Basically it’s a testament to the loving and caring relationship a Dom and a sub should share, and any insecurities the sub has that the Dom disagrees with means that the sub should feel beautiful and cherished because the Dom finds her beautiful and cherishes her. I feel that with Sir and I appreciate that he is concerned not only about my physical well-being, but also my mental well-being. I am looking forward to our weekend together. I’ll be home fairly early on Sunday so I can get some things around the house taken care of, most importantly taking out the trash which I didn’t do this past Sunday.

I have a crazy week at work so this doesn’t come at the best time, but the release I can get from our session might be just what I need. I think it will be okay and I will come out closer to Sir and he may understand me more. I think I’m more complicated than Sir is; that’s not to say he’s simple, it’s shade on me because I have so many issues in my head. He is a kind and patient Dom and I am lucky to have found him so quickly after getting onto the site where we met. All of our encounters have been positive for me. I don’t know where he gets his patience for me, but I appreciate it more and more every time we meet.

Somber Sunday

Five positives:

  1. I was up before noon.
  2. I ordered my groceries and they will be here in an hour. (That’s probably a negative, I’m isolating this weekend.)
  3. I’m sticking to my eating plan.
  4. The Girl Scout cookies I ordered has arrived, Kid will be thrilled.
  5. The garage door opener will be replaced tomorrow.

Not much is going on today. The only things I need to do is to scoop the litter box and put out the trash. Boring. Sorry about that.