Wonderful Wednesday

My positives for the day:

  1. I was up early and early to work.
  2. Sir and I made up, talked things out, and are closer than ever.
  3. I am drinking a lot more water than I normally do.
  4. I had to go out for an office errand so I got my favorite salad for lunch today.
  5. The Terror kitty clotheslined himself as I walked in from work. That was a great and funny way to end my workday.


Sir and I had a very good talk last night. The statement where he compared himself to me taking out the trash was a huge miscommunication on my part. He explained it this way…


Sir:  What happens if you don’t take out the trash?

Me: It piles up.

Sir: Right, it piles up and gets stinky. So you make time every Sunday to take out the trash, right?

Me: Yes, Sir.

Sir: You need to prioritize and make time each week to see me.


Now it makes sense! I understand what he meant by the reference and I will now make time each week for my Sir. Our typical day is Friday, but if something comes up I will make time at some other point in the week for Sir.


Now that I have been properly punished, we begin again with a clean slate. This makes me very pleased. I have already set up our next meeting which will be this Friday. I will get there first and be able to primp and relax before Sir gets there. That takes a lot of stress out of it for me. That was something I hadn’t been able to verbalize before, I knew I was stressed, but I really didn’t understand why. I’ve made the connection now and I can cope with it better.


Life Pro Tip: Binder clips are extremely painful! Do NOT put them on your nipples! Well, unless you’re into extreme pain.


Sir left a few marks yesterday, something he never does because he says he doesn’t like to. I have two small bruises on my hand and one large one on one side of my bottom. I have slow-clotting blood, so I get mystery bruises all the time; they don’t hurt they just look gruesome. I don’t mind them actually, because on the rare occasion I feel a point of contact the following days, I think of our session together and it makes me smile.


I was right, I sent the photos of my two bruises and Sir was not happy about it. He will try to avoid it next time. It’s hard to know though, sometimes I’ll bruise from a touch and sometimes I won’t bruise from a hard smack. He’s very well versed in spankings so I know he’ll take care of me just fine.


I had a decent day at work so I am in a good mood. My mood-tracking app graph for today is light green, let me see if I can get it dark green like yesterday. I haven’t noticed any difference in my mood or any withdrawal symptoms since I stopped the Remeron. That’s good news. The dry mouth is gone, thank goodness.


Yahoo hijacked my home page on Internet Explorer again, I had to open Chrome. It’s such a pain to have to go in and reset everything and delete them back off. How is that even legal? What is it they are trying to accomplish? I guess there are people out there who will just leave it as is and Yahoo gets a new customer. Annoying.


Here’s another annoyance of mine today; when I hit enter the cursor goes down the page and off the screen, but WordPress doesn’t automatically jump to where the cursor is, you have to manually scroll every time you get to the bottom of the page. Annoying.


It did it again! But I’m still in a good mood. No biggie. How was your Wednesday?


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