Teasing Thursday

Thursday Positives:
1.  My mood is good even though I had trouble getting up this morning making me late to work.

2.  My counterpart took over the meeting I missed this morning, he’s awesome and I’m thankful for him.

3.  I love my new waxing lady, almost pain free!

4.  Tomorrow is Friday!

5.  Less than 24 hours before I see Sir.

So I started my day off not only late, but I thought it was Friday. I was very disappointed when I realized it was Thursday, hence the title of this post.
I meet Sir tomorrow. I have a plan in place. Therapy is tomorrow, I am actually looking forward to it this time. The first and second time I dreaded going, but now that it is at 2 on Fridays it fits into my schedule better and I don’t feel like it’s an intrusion. Therapy is at two out in the suburbs. After therapy I head back towards town. My favorite nail salon is on the way back inward. Then I will stop at our meeting place; shower, shave, primp, and fix my hair before donning a baby doll and awaiting Sir. I think I’ll wear the electric blue one, he hasn’t seen that one yet. (Oops, I ruined the surprise. Shoot.)

The bruises on my hand have disappeared as quickly as they appeared. The bruise on my bottom has gotten bigger and turned a sickly green color. At least it doesn’t hurt, Sir won’t be happy by the looks of it for sure.
There is stuff that needs to be done around the house but I just don’t have the motivation to do anything right now. The litter box needs to be scooped. I need to do laundry. I need to make my bed properly with a fitted and flat sheet; I don’t know how they got separated. There are some boxes that need to be unpacked and put into the new bins I purchased then put into the attic. There are a bunch of boxes that need to be broken down and put into the recycle bin. The furniture needs to be de-furred again. The lint rollers need to be put under the sink. I should furminate the cats. I need to find that box of cat food I bought. I know I bought it because it was on my last order from Petco. And finally, some things around the house need to be put away.
I won’t speak with Kevin for another few minutes, but we did chat a little earlier. He asked why I couldn’t sleep last night. I checked my phone, texts, posts, and no where does it say that I couldn’t sleep and I hadn’t posted today’s blog at that point. I have a sneaking suspicion that he is communicating with someone else. I’ll ask him about it tomorrow but I am sure he will evade the question. He thinks I’m nosy. He doesn’t like it when I ask him questions.
Well, this is a short post, not too much is going on today. I’ll speak with Sir later before bedtime. I’ll have a busy day at work followed by a busy afternoon, I’ll be ready for the release that Sir manages to give me each time we meet.

UPDATE: I Lunesta emailed him last night after midnight. I really need to get into bed and stay there once I take that pill.



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