Finally Friday

Five positives from today:

1.  I got out an important report just in time.

2.  Although I was late to therapy she had no one scheduled behind me so I got the full 50 minutes.

3.  I had Mexican food for dinner.

4.  Sir will be here soon.
Work went well even though I had to stay later than anticipated to finalize a report that had to go out today. Therapy went well also, she is excited to try an new technique on me, if nothing else it will tell us if my depression is situational or if it’s chemical. I’m pretty sure it’s chemical, but I am willing to try her new treatment to see if it enlightens me to parts of myself that I have walled off from my thinking mind. I’m not excepting a magical cure, I know it’s a long process, but I have been improving since I met Sir and he took the time to tell me I needed help and it’s okay that I can’t do it alone anymore. For that, I will always be thankful.
After therapy, I got a spa pedicure and reveled in the relaxing hot rocks and orange scrub she was using. Dinner was my favorite Mexican meal from one of the original Mexican restaurants in town. Next, I arrived at our selected location and I was able to shower and change into something a little more revealing. I think Sir will be pleased. He will have to deal with traffic to get here but that’s okay, I have all night. Well, not all night the kid is home alone so I want to get home at a decent hour so we can hang out.  
The toys are laid out neatly on the only chair in the room, luckily it has an ottoman so it accommodates most of our favorites. I am not sure what tonight has in store for me, but I am ready for it.
Signing off for today.


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