Funday Friday With Sir

I have finally decided to write about one of our sessions in detail. I hope it isn’t to personal for Sir’s taste, he does have a jealous side and doesn’t like me to describe my body when I blog. I left out several more intimate details and I think I keep it pretty non-discript so here goes:

I headed over to the hotel to meet Sir around five thirty or so. I checked in, parked, grabbed my stuff and headed up to the room. I texted him the room number and promptly got into the shower. I was shaved and clean so I donned my electric blue babydoll. Sir hadn’t seen it before, so I hoped he would like it. The strap broke shortly after I put it on so I had to improvise and I tied the strap to the other one. It seemed to work well enough even if my boobs looked a little lopsided. That’s not really something Sir would notice, so it wasn’t a problem. He indeed liked it. I greeted him at the door in my submissive pose and he was very pleased. He stood me up and hugged and kissed me.

Sir sat in a chair and gave me my warm up spankings, hand on ass. He avoided the giant bruise he left on me from Tuesday. When I told him it didn’t hurt he got a little more intense. He directed me over to the bed by my hair and had me lay face down. He likes to see my face so he can gage my reactions. I craned my neck so I was facing towards him. I was blindfolded so I couldn’t actually see him. I don’t usually see the implements he’s using so I have to imagine as I feel it what it might be. Sometimes he asks if I know what it is. I guessed correctly once this time, he was using the “bruiser”. I have a love/hate relationship with the bruiser. It’s a hard, black, rubber paddle with pyramid shaped points on one side and it’s smooth on the other side. It makes a nice noise when he hits me just right. I won’t lie and say it doesn’t hurt because it definitely does. It’s a good pain though. He calls me a great masochist for what I can endure. I think a belt came into play at one point, but I can’t be sure. He also used a couple of the floggers on me. I like the ones we have that are either leather strips or suede strips. The horse hair one can feel like needles at times. Speaking of needles he has this little tool that I can only imagine is a pattern cutter, it is basically a quarter-sized wheel of sharp points with a handle that he rolls all over my body. It hurts and tickles at the same time. That’s one of the tools I really like. There are other straps, crops, and improvised tools that he used as well.

We went through all of the implements I had laid out neatly for him and a few others he had pulled out of the bag. Nipple clamps (two kinds), something he clamped onto my nether regions that hurt like I was be sliced. He removed those quickly thankfully. That was a no-go he added to his mental list. Next he want to try something new. The rod that held up the shower doors was quite sturdy so he led me in there by my hair, shackled my wrists above my head over the shower rod. Then he put my ankles in the spreader-bar. I was incapacitated completely other than being able to spin a little. The floggers came out again, both the suede and horse hair. He was a lot more forceful this time and I felt the stings as the straps wrapped around me with each blow. It was about fifteen minutes of great brutality before he finally released me. I am so happy that the bruise on my backside didn’t impede any of our play.

We returned to the bedroom and he taped me to the leather chair at the desk. Using the vibrator all over my body, he then got out a few more implements and struck me as I sat completely immobile. He really liked the chair, it was armless, leaned back a little, and swiveled. Upon my release he had me stand for a while while he pulled down the bedclothes and asked me to lay face down. That’s when he brought out the candles. The burns feel so intense and then the pain suddenly disappears. I can’t help but squirm every time I get hit by a drip. Some parts of the body are completely more sensitive than others. Soles of my feet, no pain what so ever; the crack of my backside is very sensitive. He likes to tease the really sensitive parts with continuous drips that hurt like the dickens. I’d kind of like a little break to get over one burn before the next one lands, but I know he wouldn’t go for that. He likes the torture and the giggles he gets from me when they burn and tickle at the same time. We also discovered the white candles I brought were way stickier than the red one he brought. The wax from his red one fall off as soon as it cools, the white wax just stuck in place and he had to peel it off me. I thought a cold shower would help, it just makes more of a mess.

Lastly we got to sex. I won’t go into detail about that as you all know what that entails. After that we cuddled as we usually do. This is what he calls our “down-time”; we are allowed to talk freely about anything. It’s nice being skin-to-skin, it’s intimate and comfortable, I feel safest when we do this. Although there was only one instance when I was being punished for the first time where I had trepidation, but we talked about that during a down-time and he told me to speak up any time I had reservations. Tonight we had a really in depth conversation, one that would require a lot of thinking and research on my part.

Needless to say I am tingling all over and sore in a few spots. He wishes we had a place to go where he could hang me from the ceiling. I have to admit that totally intrigues me. I’d love to have a day in someone’s dungeon to try new things and explore our boundaries more. Maybe someday…


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