Solemn Saturday

Positive Five:

1.  I got 12 hours of sleep.

2.  I straightened the kid’s bathroom.

3.  Food is being delivered.

4.  I’m not in a low.

5.  My Oofos slides arrived today, I can wear socks with them now.

Well, I’ve checked, and I have no lasting marks from last night’s session. That’s good, but I have no lasting marks to make me smile when I see them. Hahaha. It was fun, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Not that I don’t normally it just seemed different this time. Maybe it was because I feel closer to Sir after our argument last weekend and making up on Tuesday.

Super Bowl is finally tomorrow; I am so tired of hearing about all the goings on around town. The local news will finally get back to normal and back into the studio Monday morning. I just want the traffic and how to dress my kid people! I did the Super Bowl thing the last time it was in town, once was enough. We did sneak into Fox Sports’ private party. That was pretty fun. I just can’t do crowds like that any more.

I did get twelve hours of sleep, but that was from 4 until 4. I can’t believe I slept so much! I need to try to get to bed earlier tonight.

Just ran an errand with the kid and “Roll Up” by Fitz and the Tantrums came on; we did our car dance. The guy in the car behind us must have thought we were crazy! Great song.

Well, I won’t be chatting with Sir this evening, he’s out with his kids. I’m glad he’s taking some time off, he deserves it. Dang he works really long hours.

That’s it for me tonight.


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