Super Bowl Sunday

Fives for today:

1.  I got up before noon.

2.  I am out of the house.

3.  My friends are awesome.

4.  It’s a good feeling to be out of the house.

5.  It’s nice to be with friends out of the house.

I am at the pub watching the Super Bowl. I am literally sitting in the parking lot watching the game. Okay, I’m not really watching. My friend’s husband has been cooking since seven this morning, others started cooking at midnight. I just couldn’t, it must be a guy/barbecue thing, lol. The food was good, of course. I didn’t have too much, just some pork ribs and boudin, because I didn’t want to stand in line. It was enough though, I feel good. There is a good crowd here at the pub. It’s nice to see all the regulars I spent so much time with when Jim and I were weekly fixtures. It was sad to see the owner’s son-in-law who just lost his wife – we comiserated together.

Sir is watching the game with his friends and family, it makes me happy when he gets some time for his family and friends. I have all kinds of time with my family and friends, but he works such long hours it’s rare for him. I’m with two of my four girls, so I’m having a good time. My one friend has her ten month old son with her and is pregnant with her second girl. I’m so happy for her and her husband, they make adorable babies. My other friend is the baby-whisperer, lol.
It’s halftime so I can finally type in a continuous paragraph for a change. No one is talking, but I don’t like Lady Gaga so I’m good to just type. It’s getting chilly out here and I forgot my jacket. I hope my ride doesn’t want to stay until the end of the game. The worst part is that I haven’t seen a single commercial! That’s the only reason I’m here.

So I had a good day all in all, I’m not low and I was able to just chill for most of the day. I showered earlier than I had to so I could chill afterwards as well. That’s made this outing much more bearable. 

I should have a couple of reports to do this week at work so I am looking forward to that. There are some things that I need to organize and order for the office so I should do that this week. That’s a should I need to turn into a did. I see the psych this Friday. I’ll have to tell him I got off the Remeron and see what he says. My mood is fine so I think he will be fine with me getting off of it. I don’t know if he will try to put me on an additional antidepressant but whatever. I was only on two before, I don’t think I need to be on three.

Sir just texted me a silly text. Obviously he isn’t too busy at the moment. I’m not sure if I will see him this week, but I know I will see him on Friday. I’ll make the reservations tomorrow. Now that I have resigned myself to Fridays with Sir I am a lot more calm thinking about meeting him. I felt great waiting for and encountering him this past Friday. Me getting there first is such a great idea, I need time to decompress and relax before our sessions. I’ll do the same this week. Actually, I haven’t gotten the all-clear from him yet so I am only assuming we are meeting on Friday. I hope we are.

I’m chilly and my friend has my other friend’s sweater so I hope we aren’t here too long. Even if we are, I can take a ride with my friend with the baby, she lives a block from me. It’s walking distance from my house so I don’t have to wait too long to leave. I need to get home early enough to go to bed and get up early enough for work.

Earlier today, Pigeon decided that everything is a toy and the kid fainted in the kitchen hitting the counter with the face on the kid’s way down to the floor. It was pretty scary. The kid was fine shortly after, but I texted my mom the CuRN to make sure I didn’t need to be concerned. The kid had a panic attack that lead to the faint. I had to explain that when the darkness starts to close in it’s time to sit and wait for it to pass. I’m a fainter as well, plus I do have panic attacks so I can understand. I hate that the kid has these issues I have. If I had known at the time that the kid’s father also had the bad issues I might not have gotten pregnant in the first place. Actually that’s a stupid thing to say, I couldn’t imagine my life without this kid. Kid is not only my favorite person in the whole world, kid is amazing and i am so happy I made kid.
All in all it has been a good day. I am in a good mood, my level on my mood app is in a slightly high green, and I can get to bed early enough to get to work on time tomorrow. If I am late tomorrow I will be very upset with myself.
That’s finally it, good night.


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