Wednesday At Home

Five positives:

1.  I got to chat with Sir this morning.

2.  Pigeon has been tearing around the house making me laugh.

3.  My kitchen is clean.

4.  It’s the cats’ nap time.

5.  My headache is gone.

I had a bad headache when I woke up this morning so I stayed home from work. Sleeping in a little helped a lot, a little caffeine in the form of my favorite coffee helps too. Now that my headache is gone, I am getting things done around the house and online.

I have just started an ad campaign for my Amazon novel Getting Away by A.J. Collins, if it’s successful I will put campaigns for my other novels on there. I hope it will generate some sales. I only earned $0.01 in royalties last year. Of course I had to pay $1.67 in state taxes on that penny! Now I’m spending more money on my book to try to generate some interest. I’ve gone back to work on the other book I started, it’s over 360 pages so I am cutting out superfluous sections to shorten it to a normal sized novel – usually around 250-275 pages. I have to cut a lot because I still have quite a way to go to finish it. I might print it out and hand edit, that helped me a lot with my prior books, I just hate to use so much paper and ink. I think my last book is pretty good, but don’t read the review that was left without SPOILER ALERT at the beginning. Getting Away by A.J. Collins


I love shows that tell you what’s coming up next because that lets you know when you can leave the room and not miss anything you specifically want to see. One news channel shows the next three stories coming up and TMZ shows several stories coming up. I think that great, I don’t like being tied to the TV. I’m a cord cutter so I don’t have a DVR. That’s the downside, the upside is my monthly TV bill went from $250 to $23. That’s amazing, and I don’t feel deprived at all.

Sir was in a good mood this morning while we chatted. He joked with me and told me some tales. I want to hear about his training, it sounds interesting and I have so many questions. Maybe we can go have dinner before our session on Friday. La Madeleine is usually quiet on Friday night. The last time we went there it would have been quiet except after selecting a table in an alcove because it was empty, two chicks sat down and were quite loud. Why are girls so loud? Dang chick, she’s sitting right across from you not across the room! Annoying.

My Girl Scout cookies have arrived. I can’t have any of them since I am back on my no carbs eating plan. I need to stick to it to drop this weight. It really bothers me even if it doesn’t bother Sir. He told me he likes my figure, but it’s a downer for me. Plus I have about twelve pairs of jeans I can’t wear anymore. I love jeans. When I dress up these days I feel like a sausage with eyelashes.  I have an awesome grey t-shirt dress that I would love to wear this year. I am determined again and I will do it! Luckily it stays warm/hot here for 10 months out of the year so I should be able to wear that dress this year. The gym. I was supposed to go today. My gym bag has been in my car for three weeks now. I am supposed to text Sir before 8:00 AM to tell him that I took the bag up to my office. It’s a free on-site gym! Why don’t I use it?! I know I feel better when I work out regularly, I just need the motivation to get started. Sir is acting as my motivation until I can find mine, lol. So, as long as my workload tomorrow allows me to go to the gym on my lunch hour, that’s the plan. I’ll report back tomorrow evening.

I feel productive today. The final piece of my productivity was to order hangers so I can hang the rest of my clothes up on my “put your clothes away” Saturday. I need to clean out my closet and reorganize it but I just don’t have that motivation either. Maybe when I put the laundry away on Saturday I will be inspired to clean up the closet. There are a few things in there that Sir and I have used but I took out of my bag and just left on the floor that I don’t want the maid to see. I really should put that stuff away or throw it out. What if the kid found it? Yikes, no kid wants to see that in their parent’s closet!

In all honesty here and because I want to track my progress I currently weigh 173. I won’t mention my height, lol. So today, February 8th, I am officially tracking my weight publicly. I think that is a bit of a motivator. It’s not like I have to answer to anyone other than Sir, but maybe admitting what I am accomplishing or messing up will keep me on track.

I worked on my book until my journal app reminded me that it was time to write in my journal. So I closed the laptop and pulled out the iPad to journal my day. Once I was done with that I thought I had a little more to say on my blog so here’s the update.

The kid found a flea on her cat so I put the flea juice on all of the cats. They didn’t seem to mind even though it’s a wetness on their necks. I hope it helps. I haven’t heard from the exterminator in ages and I’m not sure they are still coming quarterly. I have no carpet, so the fleas have no where to hide. Did you know that a flea actually only spends about ten percent of it’s life on the animal? They live elsewhere until they’re hungry. Rotten little bastards.

So that was my day, third and final load of laundry is in the washing machine done. I’m feeling pretty accomplished today despite not going to work.


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