Frantic Friday


  1.  I was up early.
  2.  I showered.
  3.  I see the psych today and finally get to tell him I am off the Remeron
  4.  I see my therapist today, so I can talk about my lows and how the coping skills didn’t help me.
  5.  It’s a half day at work because it’s Friday.


I’ve been in a roller coaster low this week, not low the whole time, but low when I think about it or my mind isn’t occupied. After my appointments today I will be heading over to see Sir this evening. As I mentioned earlier this week, I’d like to have dinner and talk first. We never had the conversation we were meant to have and even though he emailed me his points, we still need to talk about them.


I was in a pretty deep low when I met Sir for dinner. We had a nice fairly quiet dinner at the little French place. We stopped at the hotel bar because Sir felt like I could use a drink. Vodka martini very dry and very dirty, it was tasty. Afterwards we went to our room and lounged for a bit. Naked hug time. It wasn’t helping for the longest time, then as Sir joked with me and teased me lightly I started to come out of that hole. I could see the ledge even if I couldn’t quite reach it to pull myself out, it was in sight.


We didn’t have a ‘session’ but by the time we were finished that ledge was firmly under my feet. He really helped me tonight.


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