Saturday After Sir

Five positives:

1.  I was up early.

2.  I got to take a nap.

3.  All the laundry is put away.

4.  The litter box is clean (for now).

5.  I feel productive.
Three and four above are strictly attributed to Sir. I was procrastinating, I had no motivation and he told me I would have to have the laundry and the litter taken care of before three o’clock or I would get thirty lashes. He was sort of kidding, but it was enough motivation to get me to take care of the two major things I wanted to complete today.
I also need to work on my taxes, but he said I could wait until tomorrow to tackle those. I have my W-2 info already input, it’s all the other stuff I need to enter. This year is a little easier since it was just me and the kid last year. The CPA will check them before they go out so I am not too concerned. 
The cat has been crazy today. He’s been getting the other all riled up.

That’s catnip all over the tree platform, they tear up their catnip toys when they don’t lose them under the couch. Doesn’t he just look like the instigator?
I’m heading out with a girlfriend soon, so I’ll update if anything exciting happens out in the world.


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