Monday And Me

Monday positives:

  1. I heard from my friend today and his group was granted 18 more months from NATO to bring our boys (and girls) home.
  2. My CPR/AED class was over before it was even supposed to start.
  3. Afternoon off!
  4. I read an article and saw the results of cool sculpting so I want to look into that as a less expensive alternative to liposuction.
  5. I am not low today.

As I said, I was supposed to spend 2-5 this afternoon in a hands-on session for CPR/AED training so I am certified in my office. I was dreading it so I asked my stay at home mommy friend who is pregnant again to take the class with me. It had been years for her, so she was game since she has two little ones and another on it’s way. She and I showed up early, about thirty minutes earlier than we needed to. The teacher told us that we were her only students for the class and gave us a list of what we would need to do to get our certification. We walked through it with her once and then practiced once then she tested us. We both passed and we left the class before 2! It was fantastic, so since I hadn’t seen my friend in so long we went and had lunch and chatted. An afternoon I was dreading actually turned into a decent afternoon. <Smiley Face>

The Terror has been at it all over the house since I got home at 3, it’s five now and he still dashing around the house and harassing the other cats.

Sir wants me to get more in touch with my feelings as we interact, I will be changing my writing style a bit when referring to our sessions. I may need to write in third person, but if I can change it to first person I will so it doesn’t seem weird. 

So I was texting with this guy friend of mine who texted me on Friday while I was with Sir at the bar. I told him I was sorry I didn’t respond but I was on a date. Technically I was. He asked today if I was on a date with Sir or someone new. I don’t know why, but I felt like I had to keep mine and Sir’s relationship to us even though I blog about it all the time. I told him I was out with a new guy that I probably wouldn’t see again. Sir knows for sure where I was on Friday, I don’t know why I lied to that guy. I’ve known him for two years and I know he had sort of feelings for me (he wanted me to be his sub but I wasn’t comfortable with it), I guess I just wanted him to know it would never happen. Hypothetically I am out dating people and seeing Sir. Sir knows he’s the only man in my life (except for my snuggle-buddy Bear the cat), I don’t know why I didn’t want to share that with this guy. (Don’t worry Sir, he lives in another state and I am absolutely not attracted to him in the slightest!)

My garage door opener has been acting like it’s possessed. At the worst possible times (rain, late, heading to work…) it won’t close and I have to go into the garage and hold the button to get it to go all the way down then dart out the front door to make sure no one has stolen my running car with my purse in it. Okay, the neighborhood has it’s issues, but I probably don’t have to run at 7:15 in the morning. Well, you never know, so I run. Anyway, it was $75 just to have the Sears guy come out to look at the thing and a new one costs $200. I decided on the new one, the old one has been in this house for as long as I’ve lived here which is fourteen years. Time for a new garage door opener. I need to be home when they install it so I can reprogram my car buttons. The built-in buttons always worried me when I had my Toyota and parked in the driveway instead of the house. The BMW knows better. If the car isn’t on, the buttons don’t work. Smart. The kid doesn’t like parking in the garage so the opener is in the glove box of the kid’s car. I just hope no one breaks into the car and finds it. Thankfully I have an alarm. My bedroom closet door has a reverse lock on it because that was where my late husband kept his guns. The plan if anyone breaks in while either or both of us are home is to grab the alarm tablet and our phones and lock ourselves in the closet so we can call for help. Plus we can hide in the closet if there’s a tornado since it’s the center of the house. Bonus. TL;DR – I’m getting a new garage door opener.

I’ve just recently started watching network sitcoms, I started last week to be exact. These actors that I watched in the 90’s are in new shows and I feel like they look really old. Then I remember that I’m the same age! Wait, what? How did that happen? I don’t feel that old, how can I be that old?  It’s not fair!

I have a consultation on Friday for cool sculpting, yay! Sir has to look into it first before I am allowed to do it. He wants to be sure it’s safe; he is always my protector even though he beats the heck out of me! LOL, kidding. It is ironic though. It’s been around for several years now, so I’m not concerned but he is so I will wait for him to do his research. 

My friend was over a few weeks ago and I accidentally backed into her car. It was nighttime and her car was grey so I couldn’t see it in my rear view camera and I just plowed right into it. I have a nice little dent on my new hatch. I was rear ended in May and they had to replace the whole back end. I guess I’m going to have to pay out of pocket to get it fixed. I don’t like having dents in my car, just like I don’t like it when it’s dirty. If I am going to have a nice car I want it to be nice all the time. Right?

I completely forgot to call back my girlfriend who was supposed to be in town super bowl weekend. I’ll have to try calling her this week and see what happened. I feel badly about that, but I was asleep when she called, how am I supposed to remember to call her back? She understands, she’s a sleeper as well. I need to call my dad too, I haven’t talked to him since Christmas. Yes, we live in the same city and his office is walking distance from my house but I only talk to him once or twice a year. I know it’s bad, but just like he wasn’t there for us when we were young, we aren’t there for him while he is old. That sounds so cold, but we simply aren’t close. 
Writing that makes me feel terrible, I’m going to call him tomorrow. He is my daddy regardless of how much time we spent together. At least I am close to my mom. I am getting closer to my sister as we get older, but we aren’t like “OMG! How are you? What’s going on?”. We are more like, “Hey, have you talked to daddy?”.
I did the kid’s taxes today; a whopping $3.24 is in the kid’s future!

Final verdict: network sitcoms are terrible at the moment. I haven’t see a single one that made me laugh like some of the old ones.
Now, that’s it for me. Have a great night!


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