I can’t sleep so here’s a story

She couldn’t sleep even though she knew she had a big day ahead of her. By five-thirty in the morning she decided to give up and get out of bed. Work was mundane, not a whole lot going on other than the bad weather outside. Other than watching and reading the news updates there was nothing else she wanted to do that day. Everything could wait another day until she had some motivation so take care of things. Maybe she should’t leave her desk so neat, it might look like she doesn’t really do anything. The fact is, most of the time she doesn’t do anything, but today she was working some and wanted people who walked by her cube to know that she was working.

The day seemed to drag by because she was looking forward to dinner with Sir. Although she wouldn’t have any type of session with Sir it was exciting to see him on a personal level. They had meals many times before, but this one seemed more intimate. She was in a good mood, he was in a good mood, and work wasn’t really badgering him although he did have to respond to a couple of minor issues. That didn’t bother her, it bothered her more when he didn’t answer the phone actually. She feared for his clients that might feel neglected and that gave her pause. She felt like maybe they shouldn’t be sitting there enjoying themselves when someone else was in some sort of crisis that only he could resolve.

The meal was pleasant, the food was good, and they talked. It was a good talk. She learned a lot about him for a change. He normally asked her all the questions without offering anything about his personal being. She feels even closer to him now. Typically her mind wanders when she is in public situations, although it wandered a bit here and there she was mostly engrossed in what he was saying and she took in every word.

The after dinner coffee was delicious and she couldn’t remember the last time she had coffee after dinner, it must have been when she lived in Paris. Growing up when she was really young her Persian aunt would have tea at four o’clock every day for her and her sister with some sort of sweet to drink it with. Yes, four year olds drink hot tea. What a lovely custom she remembered. Sir has those sorts of accommodations in his life, but her life was now devoid of the niceties she grew up with and she missed them. She had a little taste of this while living in Paris, but it was very hard to translate it to the American lifestyle, so it died there.

After dinner when Sir asked her to meet him in the parking lot of one of the restaurants they frequented she thought for sure he would have flowers for her since there were none delivered during the day. There were no flowers, but she didn’t mind, she doesn’t need flowers all the time. He promised to take her shopping for a lovely outfit at one of her favorite shops. The top she could wear for work, but the stockings and short skirt would be only for Sir. She liked that. She had several outfits that were only for Sir and it always made her smile when she pulled them out of her bag to wash them. (Of course the same goes for when he left marks on her, she loved the marks, he did not. That would be a conflict they would have to compromise on.)

Marks like this are okay by her:

Marks like this are a little extreme:

She bruises easily and that bothers Sir. It doesn’t bother her. She might even want more extreme play like they had in the bathroom during a recent session. Sir was forceful, precise, expert, and she loved the intensity of the scene. Those are the types of scenes that make her forget everything else and focus on Sir. Focus on pleasing Sir. Focus on how she feels. Focus on the release that is being given to her. That’s when Sir shines, when he lets go and allows himself to fulfill his fantasies without regard for her unless she says a safe word. Ultimately that what she wants, she wants Sir to take charge and do whatever his heart desires. She will stop him if it’s too much and Sir will stop if he feels it’s too much. Typically when she says yellow she is just in pain for the moment and once he stops what he is doing she is fine to continue. Sometimes he doesn’t realize that yellow is not red. She will definitely use red if it’s necessary.

Crying. She has cried several times during sessions. The crying is an animal instinct and uncontrollable but it doesn’t mean she wants him to stop. If a safe word hasn’t been said, she is still fine, or will be shortly. The bites hurt like heck, but she doesn’t want him to stop doing them, she just wants him to stop when she uses her safe words.

She and Sir are learning about each other every time they meet and every time they have a session. They seem to be a very good match and now that they are past the beginning of a relationship annoyances she believes they can enjoy each other’s company for a long while.


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