Valentines With Sir

First my five positives:

  1. I was early to work.
  2. I cut back on how much I smoke at work.
  3. I’m having dinner with my girlfriend who I haven’t seen in a couple of months tomorrow night.
  4. I was in a productive mood today and not at all low which helped me get a report out in record time!
  5. I got to have dinner with Sir.

This has to be a quick one because it’s my bedtime.

The first thing that happened occurred when I was getting dressed this morning. I pulled on a pair of panties then pulled on my slacks. These slacks are pull on types, meaning they have a tummy control waist band and no buttons or zippers, you just pull them on. I’m not sure if they are too big or if my body is just too funky, but I am constantly pulling them up. Throughout my morning, every time I got up to walk somewhere I had to hike up my pants. The elastic in the panties I was wearing was non-existent. I knew about the panty issue before I left the house but decided I could make it a day with them on. Nope. By lunchtime they had ridden down my butt so many times I finally had to rip them off in the bathroom (I didn’t want to take off my pants so I just ripped them) and threw them into the sanitary napkin bin in the stall. Good riddance!

My gym bag made it all the way to my cubicle! Of course because of the severe weather we had this morning I was distracted and couldn’t bring my self to actually go to the gym. I will though. Tomorrow for sure! I am supposed to text Sir a photo of me in the gym otherwise I will be punished. I will do that, you know how I hate to disappoint Sir.

The second thing that happened was dinner with Sir. Today I was in a good mood. I had no reservations or trepidation about seeing Sir. Maybe because it was just for dinner, but whatever it was I was happy to see him and even happier to be with him. We had a very nice dinner of filet mignon and creamed spinach at a very nice restaurant near his office. I had two glasses of wine, but of course Sir refrained – always in control of his falcuties. It was very nice and I enjoyed it so much.

I have been clean of carbs for the past three days! Slowly but surely I will lose this weight. Sir is helping to keep me motivated and has promised me a present in October if I reach my first goal. That’s always nice to have a goal to aim for.

We have our usual plan for Friday night, but we are stopping at Black House White Market first because Sir wants a specific outfit he wants to see me in and I am sure I can find something he likes there. Nice blouse, short black skirt. Easily done there.

I’m having dinner with a girlfriend who was my best friend in high school. We had a ton of adventures our last two years in high school, but after we lived together I pretty much ruined the relationship with my jealously of her. Twenty years later the fences are mended and I’m hoping we can spend more time together. 

Okay, it’s past my bedtime, I must go. Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you.


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