Day One Wednesday

I might be worn out but I am still positive:

  1. I was on time to work for the third time this week.
  2. I went to the gym at lunch.
  3. I got two major tasks completed.
  4. I’m having dinner with my friend.
  5. My counterpart is amazing with Word

Like I said, I was on time again this week. When someone tells you that the person you replaced is available to come back you get your rear in gear and prove what an asset you are as quickly as possible. I organized the work room and cleaned up the conference room since we are having a major client visit next week. I wanted to tackle that kitchen pantry because it’s been driving me nuts since I started, but I can do that tomorrow after I get my report out. I don’t think the person before me was very organized. She had no files, all of the supplies are haphazardly thrown into drawers (I fixed that too), and she left me no notes on how to do anything except a single page document with three items on it. I’ve been thrown into work situations before so I can roll with it, but cleaning up after a messy person isn’t that much fun.

I went to the gym. I sent Sir a picture of me in my workout gear and a pic of the treadmill I selected to prove that I did as I said I would do. If personal trainers are allowed in the gym I will be hiring my friend who is looking for more clients. I liked having a trainer before, it made me work harder each time we met. A weekly high intensity workout and two other workouts should be fine for me, I hate working out on the weekends. I always dread working out, but afterwards I always feel so much better. I forget about that part. If I keep at it, it should help me a lot with my depression and anxiety. It won’t allow me to get off my meds, but it will keep my lows from getting too low. That’s another bonus. I did week 1, day 1 of the Couch to 5k app. I made it through a lot easier than I thought I would, but I couldn’t help watching the seconds tick down during the running portions. I may do day 1 again to see if it gets easier. I really need to take my car in to find out how to hook up that bike rack because the kid did not like what the new bathroom scale had to say.

This is where I pause so I can finish up my work day and head out for dinner…

My friend and I had a really good time. We really missed each other over the past 20 years, we were so close. So we had a great dinner, chatted a lot, went to the pub afterwards for a couple of drinks before we left. I was on my way home and realized that my tattoo parlor was open and there were several artists inside. I pulled in and made a crude drawling of the tattoo on my inner left arm next to my heart that is basically the Kid’s name intertwined with a heart.

Sir wants me to go to bed, so I really need to go to bed. I had a lovely night, I hope you did as well.


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