Thoughts on Thursday

Thursday positives:

  1. I made it to work on time once more, that’s four days in a row.
  2. I bought a brace for my plantars faciliitas.
  3. My new belts arrived today (I have no idea where my old belts went).
  4. My new tops for work arrived. I always need new tops for work.
  5. I am seeing Sir tomorrow.

I have appointments tomorrow that will make me later to the hotel than I would prefer, but that’s fine I’ll get there eventually. I’m sure Sir can work a little later so he doesn’t have to wait around for me. That reminds me, I need to pack my travel case. I have no idea what’s in store for me tomorrow, we haven’t discussed anything. I will get off work at 11:30, go to the gym in the building, stop for something to eat, go to therapy, go for my consultation on cool sculpting, then head to meet Sir. I don’t think I have any marks left, so he won’t have to go easy on me. 
I am tired today. Too tired to think any more. If some random thoughts pop up, I’ll write them down but I simply cannot put more effort into blogging tonight.
Thursday Thoughts:

  • Christine Beranski is so funny, I think her talents are wasted in a drama.
  • I have to watch the news at ten to find out how to stop those annoying computer calls on my cell phone.
  • I got an allowance until I was 28, I miss that.
  • My cat finally stopped scratching on the door to go out. He can go out when I go out.
  • Thought too soon, he’s at it again.
  • My mind isn’t even wandering I’m so tired.
  • Yuck coconut.
  • It’s amazing how many liberals there are in show business.
  • Why are tiny chocolate thingies called “Jimmies”, who came up with that? I’ll be his name was Jim.
  • Rearranging the letters in “leper” spells “repel”.
  • I need to neuter my Scottish Fold. Spraying is nasty, I hope that doesn’t start soon.
  • Why is his sister so much smaller? She looks like a kitten.
  • I think I want a MacBook.
  • Overheard in a Whataburger years ago: “You shouldn’t use Vaseline, it’s made from petroleum.” “Oh, really?” “Yeah, you should use KY Jelly.” “How do you spell that?” “K-Y.”
  • I wonder if those raccoons are still living in the neighbor’s attic. At least they are out of mine. I wish we had basements even though they creep me out.
  • Ten until eight.
  • Why do I feel the need to touch a light switch when I enter a room with the light already on?
  • I am so ready to be in bed.

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