Fun Friday With Sir

First My Five Positives For Today:

  1. Day five of being to work on time!
  2. I followed along with the client meeting today and kept pretty good minutes.
  3. I got to see Sir!
  4. We went shopping.
  5. He introduced me to Turkish food and it wasn’t bad at all.


Let’s start at the beginning of my day. Work went well, there was a point where I thought I might have to stay late but the PM said I could finish the report I received today on Monday. No overtime, boo. I made up the thirty minutes from leaving early to meet my friend for dinner on Wednesday. That meant that I got to leave at 12:30 which is still pretty good. I went home because it was way too early to head over to therapy. I stopped for vodka knowing that I would be out late with Sir so I had to get it while the liquor store was still open.


I still got to therapy about thirty minutes early so I sat in my car for a while. As I started to walk up I noticed a parking spot in the front near the door was open so I moved my car before going inside. I didn’t have to wait very long before my therapist showed up. I’m her first single patient on Fridays, so once she leaves the hospital she heads over to her office to see me. We talked about my week which was pretty good all in all. Then we started working on her new therapy process, I can’t remember exactly what it’s called MMD or MMR, something of that nature. Basically she takes me through some negative experience that still weighs on my mind and we try to work backwards from there. I of course worked forward through it. I got to a resolve at least and felt better about the first situation we went over. The second situation wasn’t as easy so that’s where we will start next session. I am still not sure about this process, but I am going to give her a few weeks before I make my decision. I think she realizes that I’m a bit wary, but she wants to keep working at it to see where we go.


After therapy I headed over to my consultation for cool-sculpting. The aesthetician was very nice and very bubbly. She explained everything to me and how the process would go. I was all ready to sign on the dotted line, but Sir had other ideas. He wants me to prove that I can stick to my eating plan and that I can keep up with my exercise before I tried something so expensive. He even said that if he does his research and approved of the process he might even try it himself. I have no plan to get off my eating plan. It’s easy enough to follow, I simply cut out carbs. The hard part is getting food on the fly, the best I can do is grab a burger and just eat the patty. Sir even followed my lead at dinner and skipped the rice.


After the consultation I headed over to the hotel where Sir and I were supposed to meet. I checked in, went into the room, and got ready to take a shower. I have to be clean before I see Sir, I have such an insecurity about smelling or being hairy. I was dressed and ready when Sir texted me that he was in the driveway downstairs so I went down to meet him. Our first task was to look for a place to eat. We drove around the Village for a while until he found a Turkish place he liked. My first question was “What’s a falafel?” He explained the ingredients and the process, I love when someone can really give a description of a food item so I know if it’s something I’ll eat or not. The waiter was very patient with us as Sir explained that I was used to Persian food, he mentioned a few things on the menu that I might like but although he knew what kubideh was, sadly they didn’t have anything like it. I selected the beef kabob. Sir ordered falafels for us both. I liked it, just not completely. I think it’s an acquired taste so I added the one I had left to my to-go box. The beef was excellent.


When we finished playing musical cars (the parking lot is tiny so double-parking is expected) we headed over to one of my favorite shops because Sir wanted me to have a nice black suit for work, actually it was more for him but it was something I could wear at work. Of course, Sir’s version of my suit included stockings while the work version would include control top pantyhose! Hahaha! We have a big client coming to the office next week so it’s good I have a gorgeous suit to wear to greet them and show them around our offices. He also picked out a lovely top for me as well. It’s white which I love because I wear a lot of black so it will go with my red or orange slacks. Sir spoils me, and I appreciate it. I never ask for anything, he just offers. He is very kind, caring, and generous that way.


Sir approved of my purchases and we headed over to the hotel. I had selected a room with two queen beds so there would be a larger surface to lay out the toys. Here’s where the blog entry ends and the story begins. I think I can go through my feelings easily enough while speaking in third person.


They went up to their room in the slowest elevator, it stopped at two floors but no one got in or out of the elevator, a minor pause before their evening together. When they got to the room, Sir instructed her to get ready while he went into the bathroom to get ready himself. Once Sir was finished Kiki had to pee so she went into the bathroom. As she tried to shut the door, he stopped her saying “no privacy”. It didn’t bother her, she had been peeing with a kid or a cat in the bathroom with her for years.


She came out of the bathroom in just her bra and panties. Sir hugged her then led her by the ponytail to the full length mirror. He removed her underclothes in front of the mirror. She hated this part, she hated her current size and never liked looking in the mirror at herself. Sir told her to open her eyes and made her watch as he caressed her body telling her she was beautiful. He asked her if she felt beautiful, although she really hated the woman who was looking back at her she looked, watched, and could feel his appreciation for her body as it was. There was a little bit of relief on her part seeing how he adored her figure and how he caressed her wobbly bits. He told her to stay still and stand where she was.


The clamps came out and he placed them on her nipples. The pain was quite intense, her nipples had always been very sensitive, when he led her to the bed by the chain between the clamps she felt the pain to her toes. It wasn’t a good pain for her. Once she was laying down as instructed, he removed them and realized there was a bit of blood on one of her nipples to which she reiterated that it was painful. He placed the clamps on her nether regions. Again she felt great pain. She tried using her coping mechanism her therapist had been teaching her. She pictured herself in her beautiful blue bedroom, laying on her comfy bed, stark white trim around the edges of the room. She pictured it and was almost able to stay there then… He tried to place the vibrator in the same place as the clamps, but the pain was too extreme for her and she couldn’t take it. He removed the clamps and instructed her to make herself come. She had taken one of her stronger antianxiexty meds prior to therapy so she knew it was probably a futile effort but she continued, feeling so close to the edge the whole time. When she finally gave up he understood and let it go. She was relieved he allowed her to stop.


Sir started with warm-up spankings, they were good and stung in the the right amount. He got a little more forceful before he moved her to the bathroom and shackled her hands above her head while her feet were in the spreader bar, but close to each other. This is where her Sir shined. He used several of their implements but the leather strap with the splits in the end were the most painful. She took it like a trooper. He liked it when she said “Ow!” or squirmed under his control. She liked it too. Although he was sure her safe words would be forthcoming, she never needed to use them. Her facial expressions were enough for him to understand when he needed to back off and when he could continue.


They returned to the bedroom and she was placed on the bed face down, but her head was turned towards him so he could gage her responses. More implements were used. The ones that hurt the most were when he hit the same spot more than once. He liked the cane and he would tease her with soft warming rubs with the cane. She could hear the whoosh of the cane and knew it was coming but she had no idea where. Each smack was unexpected. She sent herself to her calm bedroom as he caned her. It worked for a while until he smacked the bottoms of her feet causing her to recoil in pain. He put the cane down at that point.


Sir had her turn over and began smacking her again. He gave her a hard, loud hit on her mons. That made her buck in pain. Sir then gave Kiki the “bruiser” and told her to hit herself in the same place to see how she would do. She did her best to hit herself as hard as she could, but of course her mind couldn’t let her hit herself harder than a fun-loving punch in the arm. When he asked her how it felt she had to explain that she wasn’t wired to smack herself as hard as he smacked her. He took the tool from her and hit her in different places. It was shortly after this point that he stopped the beatings. It was naked snuggle time.


They entwined and once again she felt safe and comfortable in his arms. He had about a two day growth beard that scratched her face around her lips. Despite that, she enjoyed the kissing. They kissed for a while before her phone chimed. She wasn’t sure if it was hers or his and they ignored it. The second time it chimed, she realized it was hers so she got up to check it. It was the kid asking when she would be home. Concerned for the Kid, she responded that she would be home at 10:30. It was about ten until ten at that point so Sir decided they had plenty more time to snuggle for a while. She did and they talked. It was their downtime. She loved this part. He would share personal details during their downtime and would ask her questions as well. It was a very good time to get to know each other more intimately and she told him so.

When her phone chimed again she finally got up to respond and get dressed and pack up their toys. As Sir packed a few things he mentioned the things that could be left out of her very heavy travel bag. Maybe one day he would get her the Louis Vuitton travel bag with wheels, but she wasn’t holding her breath, hahaha!


They got dressed, cleaned up the room, packed up the toys, and left. In the parking lot there was a large truck waiting for her to get out of her parking space so their goodbye was a lot shorter than she would have liked. She felt pushed to pack up and get out of the parking lot just to be curteous. She felt like she left Sir short, but she also felt the need to let the truck guy get a parking spot.


When she got home she texted Sir that she was home and safe and chatting with the kid.


Back to blogging: I was tired and worn out from our session, but I felt even closer to Sir. It was a very good evening and I had a very good time. There was one moment when I sat up to redo my ponytail; I was sitting on the bed with my back arched as I gathered up my hair and Sir was rubbing my lower back – at that moment, I actually felt beautiful. Not potato like, simply beautiful.


Tomorrow is Saturday and hopefully I will have the motivation to do some things around the house because next weekend I will spend the whole time with Sir with no time to get anything done. This will be our first overnight together. I just hope I can sleep. I will take my meds with me and hope Sir understands that I need them and I will do my best to sleep. New chapter for us. I can’t wait!

Bonus for me, the kid picked up around the house. So nice! The Terror is playing with a pack of Post-Its. Everything is a toy!


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