Instead of positives I am going to list my accomplishments on this gorgeous Saturday, they are still positives:

  1. I made the bed this morning.
  2. I finished and submitted my taxes!
  3. I finished and submitted the Kid’s taxes!
  4. I cleaned the hair-trap on the cat fountain.
  5. I put away all of my new clothes.
  6. I scooped the litter box.
  7. I broke down and recycled all the boxes from the packages we got today.
  8. Couldn’t clean the cat fountain, so I put out fresh water instead.
  9. I resisted the urge to buy a new fountain on Amazon. (Huge accomplishment!)


After a productive morning, the only thing I’ve been doing this afternoon is reading through and editing my latest novel. It is so long I am considering breaking it into two books. Actually, I hate that, maybe I’ll just sell it as a long book. I’m sure I can edit it down once I get it finished. I’ve cut out quite a bit, but it’s still over 350 pages. Three hundred and fifty is what I am going to shoot for as a finished novel 400 max.


Sir is with his kids this weekend so I won’t hear from him, much to my disappointment, but I completely understand and don’t want to impose. We are supposed to spend next weekend (all weekend) together since the Kid will be at the dad’s house. I sent Sir an email suggesting it instead of sending a text so he can read it and respond when he is able. I think I would be much more comfortable sleeping together for the first time at my house. My bed, my space, my stuff, my drugs… I think it’s more personal at my place. I might even cook. Now that’s saying something.


I am spending the following weekend with my college roommate. I haven’t seen her in a while and she is one of the two people who knows the actual relationship that Sir and I share. It will be nice to see her and to also talk about how things are going with Sir. Not that I have any issues it’s just nice to confide in someone. She is totally fine with the gritty details, and loves to hear them. Plus, she gives me great advice regardless of the situation. I will miss my Friday with Sir with much disappointment, but maybe we can have a quick visit during the week. My  friend and I will spend the weekend playing Skipbo, we got addicted in college. We stayed up late way too many times having games with each other and some of the people on our floor. It was great when the guys on the floor scoffed at first then became as addicted as we were. She has a cutie-patutie five year old who is a little sassy, I just adore her.


I checked the bathroom scale today and I am down five pounds. That is just five of the ten pounds I gained while on the eat-everything-in-site med, but I am optimistic about my new eating plan. I have been successfully resisting the Reese’s peanut butter cups that the Kid put into the candy container.


I want a new tattoo. It would be a heart with the kid’s name intertwined within it. I have to ask Sir first since he has all say over my body regardless. I hope he says it’s fine, I really want this. It will be my official fourth, and my last. Each one I have represents something or someone as this one will also. I want it on my ribcage, near my heart.


I think that’s it for me today. I’m sorry it was so mundane. More later!


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