Monday Mania


  1. I was early to work.
  2. I finally got that report out.
  3. The new garage door opener works perfectly.
  4. I was able to work from home so I didn’t lose any hours at work.
  5. I got my meds refilled (even though I had to self-pay, grr!)

I got to my desk and began on the report that had to go out today. First export, a few errors. Second export, even fewer errors, but it still needs tweaking. I need to go home at this point because the Sears guy is coming to replace my garage door opener. I pack up my laptop and head home, he shows up five minutes after I get home and five minutes before I get the call saying he would be there in 15 minutes. I love when people are on time or early. I get back to working on the report while he is installing the new opener. He shows me all the bells and whistles, we program the outside keypad, then even programs the button in my car. He liked my car, apparently it was very simple to program, it only took him a few seconds. I sent the report one more time, but now I need to pick up some things so I combine my lunch hour with an office errand.

I get to the drugstore to pick up my meds, they aren’t ready and insurance won’t pay for them. The doc treats people with addiction so he doesn’t even hand out a paper prescription he emails the drugstore. He also doesn’t do refills. You get a one month supply, then you have to go back and see him to get your next month of meds. My insurance will only pay for a 90-day supply. Also, one of the drugs I am on doesn’t come in 90mg so there are actually two prescriptions in 60mg and 30mg. The insurance company will only pay for one of the prescriptions because they are the same drug. Ridiculous that I am insured and still paying out of pocket.
Next stop is to pick up my favorite salad from the shop next to the grocery store since the grocery store is my final stop. No problems at the shop so I get back into my car and head to the grocery store.

We have two “socials” this week as a celebration. Tomorrow is the make your own yogurt parfait, so I got yogurt, berries, and granola cereals for that. I think I bought way too much yogurt, but we have mostly guys in the office so I bet they will eat it all within the week. Our next one is an ice cream sundae bar. I think I bought way too much ice cream, but again the guys will probably finish it off so it’s okay. I load all the groceries into the back of my car. I forgot to mention that today was torrential rain and the Kid has all of my umbrellas.

I get to the office and park my car deciding what to take in first. I grab my drink, my purse, my salad, my laptop, and I decide I’ll get the cart for the rest of it. Upstairs, I put my things down, get the key for the storage room, and go get the cart. Downstairs again. I get to my car and realize I left my car key upstairs. My car is keyless so I always forget about the key. Once I left the car with the valet without leaving the key and they had to leave it running the whole time I was in the restaurant. Hahaha, I’m so absent-minded sometimes. I leave the cart in the garage and hope it will be there when I return. Back upstairs. I fish out my keys and head for the elevators. The cart is still there so I open my car and do my best to balance all these bags on it. First ramp to get to the elevator in the garage a few bags drop off. Okay, back on the cart, hills noted. Pull the cart down the next ramp and push it up the following, press the handicap access button and make it to the building elevators without losing anything. I remembered the storage room key, so when I get back to our floor I go in the back way so I can access the fridge in the storage room back there. Everything fits perfectly, and I will be ready to serve a tasty treat for everyone tomorrow.

It turns out there was one page on the report that didn’t update to the correct date, but the principle specialist took care of it himself. Whew! Report complete and ready to go out.

The last three hours of my day were much longer than the first seven. Ten hour days are brutal to me, but they won’t let me take a thirty minute lunch. Boo. Sir works way more hours than I do, I just don’t know how he does it. It’s amazing to me.

Sir and I had a nice text chat this evening. He sent me a poem written from the point of view of a female sub. Basically it’s a testament to the loving and caring relationship a Dom and a sub should share, and any insecurities the sub has that the Dom disagrees with means that the sub should feel beautiful and cherished because the Dom finds her beautiful and cherishes her. I feel that with Sir and I appreciate that he is concerned not only about my physical well-being, but also my mental well-being. I am looking forward to our weekend together. I’ll be home fairly early on Sunday so I can get some things around the house taken care of, most importantly taking out the trash which I didn’t do this past Sunday.

I have a crazy week at work so this doesn’t come at the best time, but the release I can get from our session might be just what I need. I think it will be okay and I will come out closer to Sir and he may understand me more. I think I’m more complicated than Sir is; that’s not to say he’s simple, it’s shade on me because I have so many issues in my head. He is a kind and patient Dom and I am lucky to have found him so quickly after getting onto the site where we met. All of our encounters have been positive for me. I don’t know where he gets his patience for me, but I appreciate it more and more every time we meet.


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