Tuesday Thoughts

Before I write down my random thoughts on this Tuesday, here are five positives for today.

  1. Everyone enjoyed the parfait bar this morning.
  2. I’m getting a lot done around the office today.
  3. I saw my mom today.
  4. I get to send a nasty email to the Kid’s dean. It’s not a school year unless I can ream him out about something. That school drives me crazy sometimes!
  5. The Kid has a 3.8 GPA, top 20% in school.
  6. Kid also found a school with the desired major/minor within our state. Five hours away is better than 11 hours!



I’m a little nervous with all these big-wigs here, I shouldn’t be I’ve been around upper management for over 15 years. Why am I anxious?


I’ve been too busy for random thoughts this morning.


Sir liked the hotel I picked out for our weekend getaway. It’s nice, I’ve stayed there a couple of times before. Plenty to do without having to leave.


Day ten with no carbs. Cravings are gone for now.


There is a high-pitched tone that is setting off my misophonia and I have no idea where it’s coming from so I can’t stop it. Grr.


I can’t believe I’ve finally stopped running around. It’s far from over though, I have a room to set up still.


FOUND IT! The high-pitched tone was coming from the thermostat. I just adjusted it and my anxiety level has gone back down now.


Ooh, I have snackies!


My lips are dry. Ick.


I’m taking a break.


I’ve sweated three times today. Maybe the thermostat is a little too far up.


Mmm, Diet Pepsi


Computer is mailed, conference room is set up, kitchen is clean… Now what will I do? Two more hours to go.


The DM has been really bad lately. Too many stories on celebrities and Trump, not enough real news stories. Copying a bunch of posts from Reddit does not make for a news story.


How do I have a headache? I took an Aleve this morning for my foot, shouldn’t that have staved off the headache?


They need to hurry up with that agenda if they want it printed this afternoon.


I hope that college gets back to us relatively quickly, I have no idea how early I need to ask for the time off.


Ugh, I have to wear pantyhose tomorrow. I can’t remember the last job I had where I wore pantyhose. My legs do look good in black hose though. I’ll have to send a photo to Sir.


I should really check my Amex statement. Man! I need to curb my spending. That’s a ridiculous bill! I’m sorry I looked. Oh wait, my property taxes were on this one. Whew! That’s not so bad then.


My Diet Pepsi has a faulty cap, it’s flat. Yuck.


Yay! I get to leave early today since I’ll be in early tomorrow!


I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday. I have done so much today it feels like a week has gone by.


I just overheard that someone is getting a Samsung TV. They’re going to have to pull it apart and snip that tiny wire if they don’t want it to flicker. Luckily, my friend’s husband is an engineer and he did it for me. Hasn’t flickered since.


My desk is immaculate! I love it!


The last time I started this at the office it didn’t save it properly, I’m mailing it to myself this time for sure. I don’t want to have start from the beginning.
I just figured out why I couldn’t find my post last time. I’m learning the nuances of WordPress as I go.

Why are so many people infatuated with celebrities? I simply don’t understand.

Demenia must be so hard to deal with in it’s early stages. You know what you want your brain to do but your brain checks out. I’ve just started wearing glasses and no matter how hard I try to focus on print, I simply can’t. That’s hard enough after years of 20/15 vision. I can’t imagine the frustration with earaly dementia. 

I’m so glad my friend came out of surgery very well and is back home already eating solid foods. They’re going to have the meal I had delivered to them tonight. Yay! I helped!

I feel bad about not letting the middle cat out. I’d rather a sad cat than a dead cat. She’s not that bright, she’ll run off and get hit by a car. I’m actually surprised the oldest one hasn’t had more issues going outside. I really wanted to keep him in but being born feral makes him a pain in the butt when he wants to go outside.

So I got a discount on Rosetta Stone from work and started the download on my iPad only to find out that I had to put it on Mac or PC. After talking to three agents, I was told to download it onto my PC and I would be able to access it on my tablet. I hope this works. It’s taking forever to download onto my PC.

Okay, I have to deal with Rosetta Stone for a while. 


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