Positives first!

  1. I was on time to work even though I thought I wouldn’t be.
  2. I was able to put my makeup on while I waited for the client to arrive.
  3. The big client meeting went smoothly.
  4. My group was thankful.
  5. I’m in my comfy PJs watching Friends.

I seriously just looked up “Sesame Street Stage Set” to see if it looked the way I remembered it. It does. It was sad when Mr. Hooper died. I liked how Big Bird always called him “Mr. Looper”. 1234-5, 678910… 11, twel-el-el-el-el-el-elve! Such a great kids show.

I had an appointment today to get another tattoo. I think I’m too tired to go to it. Sir is against tattoos, but says I can do as I please in that respect. This will be my final one. I’d like it on my ribcage, I know that’s a tough spot and it’s going to hurt but I can’t think of anywhere else to put it. It’s meaningful so I want to have it close to my heart.

I only had a short chat with Sir around lunchtime today. I was busy, lunch was being delivered, one of the managers was talking to me, and I was manning the front desk; I didn’t have a whole lot of time to chat. I think he was driving anyway which isn’t a good time to text. We’ll chat again this evening. He went to bed early last night so we didn’t get to chat which worried me at first, but then I reasoned with myself and finally went to bed. I am very tired today, but he was very kind to respond to me this morning so I wouldn’t worry.

The Kid is singing and playing the guitar. I love being serenaded. The Kid is a bit annoyed with me at the moment. My cooking instructions are not the greatest. The Kid cooked a pizza, and asked if I thought it was cooked all the way, here’s how it went:

Kid:  Do you think this is cooked all the way?

Me:  Stick your finger in the middle of it.

Kid: No! It’ll be hot!

Me:  Not if it’s not cooked all the way.

Kid: OUCH!

Me: It’s cooked all the way.

Kid:  I don’t like your cooking methods! <snarky voice> Cook them until they explode!

Kid asked how long to microwave hot dogs once and my response was, “until they explode”. How do I know? That was the late husband’s job.

I am currently studying three languages. I am brushing up on my French for when I take the Kid to Paris this Christmas. I am also taking Spanish and German with the kid on an app where we can follow each other. When I studied Italian I kept getting it confused with my French. The French responses were just natural, it took a good two months before I was able to respond in Italian comfortably.  I have no idea how three at once will go. I doubt I’ll learn anything except the French. Sir encourages me to learn other languages and thinks I need to learn Arabic. I think that would be very difficult. I’ve never studied a language with a different alphabet from English, I think I would have to go at it like I did with French and start with children’s books. Of course with Arabic I would have to start with the alphabet books. It’s intriguing for sure, but I still think it would be difficult. I just did part of my German lesson and I retained what I had learned last night, so that’s pretty good. I’m not ready to head to Berlin or anything, but that could be the next trip the kid and I take after Paris.

My friend who had surgery has had an allergic reaction to the pain med they put him on. That’s brutal. I had a reaction to penicillin in my late teens, my hands and feet swelled and the itching was inconsolable! Poor guy. I hope he heals pretty quickly. His wife is being the trooper though, she is so strong. I sent them dinner last night even though I didn’t think he would be able to eat it, he did and they liked it. I’m so pleased.

Time to chat with Sir!


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