Thursday, The Day Before The Weekend With Sir

Five positives:

  1. On time to work again.
  2. Although I had a discussion about a report I worked on this week with the boss guy, I also got praise afterwards.
  3. The ice cream social I planned was very well received and everyone partook of the yumminess (except me, no carbs).
  4. I got a report out today that didn’t require multiple edits like the one I had to discuss with boss guy.
  5. One of the other principle specialists has decided to use my services instead of my counterpart.
  6. I was slated by one of the company owners to help pilot/administrate a new SharePoint project they are thinking of rolling out.

Tomorrow I have a short work day. I only work 7:30 until 11:30, that’s my new Friday schedule. I’m trying to get my therapy session moved to 1:00 so my day out in the world is shorter. When I was working until 1 it was great that my appointment was at 2, it gave me just enough time to get out to the suburbs to her office. Now that I get off at 11:30, a 2 o’clock appointment cuts into my afternoon. She said she can change it eventually, in a few weeks at the most. That’s good news. I need to remember to tell her that I won’t be seeing her next week since I’m traveling to see my college roommate.

Have you ever met one of those people who has to tell you about all their accomplishments and how great they are at so many things? I work with one of them. He is so very proud of himself, it’s truly bizarre. Unfortunately he is one of the boss guys so I can’t really get away from it. It’s just weird to me.

I have no idea what to pack for my weekend with Sir. I don’t know what our plans are so I don’t know how I need to dress. I’ll be in jeans tomorrow, so dinner will either be someplace casual or in the hotel restaurant. What do I wear during the day? He likes the electric blue babydoll, so that’s a must. I just need to find it. I think I washed it, but I haven’t fixed the strap yet. I could wear it like I did the last time and tie it to the other strap, wonky boobs and all. I also have a couple he hasn’t seen on me yet, those will go into the bag. Plus, I want a pair of comfy pjs for lounging. I’ll figure it out. I plan to pack between getting off work and going to therapy. I should be at the hotel before 4 so I can get situated. I don’t know when Sir will arrive, I assume it will be between 6 and 8. I’m still both excited and trepidatious.

I worked on my book a little tonight, that made me feel a little accomplished. I need to get to the end where I left off so I can get back to writing instead of editing.
The Kid just told me that the dad is taking care of his mother because she had knee surgery so the Kid will be home alone all weekend. That was a surprise. Kid said my mother will be fun to hang out with, so problem solved. I don’t really like leaving the Kid alone at home even though 16 is old enough, I feel like a neglectful mom when I do. We have plans to visit a potential college on April 3rd. I’m excited, Kid is excited too. I need to remember to ask for the time off when I get to work tomorrow.

Not much else is going on with me today, and it’s almost time to chat with Sir. This is where I leave you. Good night.


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