Saturday With Sir

I awoke early, before eight, but I stayed in bed trying to get more sleep. When the breakfast arrived at 8:45 I finally decided to get out of bed. I plan to have breakfast in the room again tomorrow. I really thought I would want to leave today, but I actually do feel relaxed and happy. 

We had a sensual morning, I’ve had to turn the maids away twice now. Hopefully they will get in here while we are out for lunch. Sir is taking a nap. I think he is a heavy sleeper. He slept on the sofa last night so I don’t know how much he worked and how much he slept.

More later, I promise.
UPDATE: The blues got me, I have been between a state of zombie-like exisitance and crying. Sir has been very understanding. I feel like I let him down again, again, and again.


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