Sunday With Sir

Apparently, Sir and I were doing a little prairie-dog sort of check up on each other this morning. Each time one of us woke up we would lift our heads to see if the other one in the opposite room was awake yet. Seeing the other still asleep, we would go back to sleep. Eventually I awoke and saw that the sofa was empty. Sir was on the phone in the bathroom so as not to disturb me. I turned on Friends and made myself a cup of coffee to settle down on the sofa for a minute. When I finished my coffee, I started gathering my things and packing my bag before straightening up the two rooms. Sir came out and once we were dressed we went down for breakfast.

This weekend was a true test. Sir proved to be very kind and understanding. Yesterday, we went out for lunch, then to Starbucks, and then Sir surprised me with a trip to the toy store. We picked up suction cup restraints for the shower, and a couple of other items. When we were back in the car he told me he wanted to buy me a present. Given his kindness and the world of opportunities I suddenly felt overwhelmed and pressured and I broke down in tears. He changed his mind and we went back to the hotel. We laid in bed and he held me while I cried. Once I had calmed down and he made me wash my face, I put on some makeup and we went to a nice seafood place for dinner. Since I don’t eat seafood, I got the filet, Sir did too. It was a nice dinner and my spirits were a bit lifted but I was still down. When we got back to the hotel, he encouraged me to take my med. I did and we settled down to watch a comedy. It was really funny, and I was able to laugh. The movie ended around eleven and I had taken my Lunesta, so I headed to bed. I fell asleep pretty quickly so I don’t know what time Sir fell asleep. 

This morning after breakfast, Sir held me again. We relished our last few minutes together. Housekeeping knocked as we were finishing packing up so I let her in and we gathered our bags. Sir said goodbye to me at my car and we parted. I learned a few things this weekend; I need my alone time now and again, and I am not ready to live with someone just yet. That’s not to say I didn’t have a good time with Sir, I certainly did. He is fun to be around and when I wasn’t down, we had a very good time. He did tell me that next time we meet he would not be as kind and understanding. We will be having a session and he plans to make up for not having one this weekend. I concur.

The rest of my day will consist of doing a few chores around the house and of course, taking out the trash.


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