Monday Without Sir

Let’s see if I can find five positives today:

  1. The A/C isn’t broken, the kid turned on the heat while I was gone this weekend.
  2. It’s cooling off finally.
  3. I have TBS again.
  4. I got a report out today with no assistance.
  5. Pigeon is in rare form this evening, but he’s found another one of my pens.

My Monday started off by me being late to work. No big deal, I worked through lunch. Working through lunch meant I didn’t get to chat with Sir much. He was with his kids last night so we didn’t chat then either, but that’s never an issue. We’ll chat tonight at our normal time.
My boss’ last day was Friday and I didn’t know that and ordered her a really nice pen as a going away present. It was supposed to arrive today but has been delayed until Wednesday the day she leaves the state. Luckily, a lady at corporate will be able to forward it to her.
My friend is apparently going out of her mind so she is coming over to drink my wine. Drama seems to follow her, I really hope she doesn’t ask me for money. This will probably mean that I will miss my texting time with Sir, but I will absolutely kick her out by nine if she is still here.
That’s it, it was a pretty uneventful day.


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