Let’s start with the positives as usual:

  1. I was early to work (as promised to Sir).
  2. People seem to be in a good mood this morning.
  3. I’ll get some reports to do this week.
  4. I have enough miles to fly coach with the Kid to Paris this year.
  5. The super cheap hotel in the Bastille is still around and still cheap.


My friend and her drama came over last night and the drama was huge. She’s been unemployed for a while now so she can’t afford to stay in her house – I believe she is renting it out. She was staying with her mom but got into a fight with her mother’s husband so she moved to her sister’s. When her sister refused to give her a key, they got into a fight. Now she is staying with me. (Why am I so nice?) I have no idea how long she will be staying with me, but at least she’ll do some errands for me while she’s here. She is doing my grocery shopping today. I hate grocery shopping. I tried bribing the kid to go for me yesterday but that was denied, the Kid hates it too. I might have her take Pigeon to the vet to check the lump on his spine and to get him fixed before he starts spraying around the house. I should also have her take my car in to get the dent fixed, but I’ll decide on that later. I’m not ready to fix it just yet. I did manage to back out of the garage this morning without hitting her  car again – that is how it got dented in the first place. American car vs. German car – American car wins. She doesn’t even have a scratch on hers and I will need to replace the hatch and the bumper on mine!

I noticed yesterday when I was wheeling in my recycle bin that I still have a ton of Christmas boxes that need to be broken down and binned up. My exact thought was, I need to break those down before it gets too hot to work in the garage. Which basically meant I had no immediate plan to break down those boxes. One of our employees is moving to a client site in another state and just told me today she needs boxes. Now I have incentive and the motivation to do it so I can help her out. That will free up more space in the garage too. Not that the Kid parks in the garage, but it will be available in the event of bad storms or something.

With my friend coming over and staying I didn’t get to do two things last night that I really wanted to do. 1. Work on my novel: I’ve gotten to page 230 so I’m getting close to actually writing again instead of just editing. 2. Chat with Sir for an hour like we normally do. I need some Sir time every day or I feel like something is missing in my life. I think that will please him, I haven’t really expressed anything like that to him before.

I’m not sure how my friend staying over will affect my plan to travel this weekend. I trust her, I just don’t know if I should leave her alone. Maybe she’ll want to go with me, she’s met my friend before and they got along famously. She might like a little trip out of town to forget about things for a weekend.

I’m also not sure how or when I will see Sir again. He knows I will be gone this weekend, I know he is very busy Tuesdays through Thursdays. That doesn’t leave any time we can meet for dinner much less a session. I know that will not please him. The fact that I am getting out of the house more does though. I’m slowly coming out of isolating myself. I’ve even considered going shopping, but I am trying to curb my spending. I need to get a handle on my budget and stop spending more than I make. I really don’t even know the total of my bills each month, I need to figure that out. Okay, I figured it out – it’s not as bad as I thought. It still doesn’t leave me much, but enough not to have to worry about it.

After I just finished typing that I am trying to curb my spending; I am taking my car in tomorrow to have it fixed. Maybe they can show me how to install that dang bike rack properly so it doesn’t fall off the back of the car again. What a pain that was, luckily a nice guy stopped and helped us load the bike and rack into the car while the Kid rode the other bike home to get the right keys. It should not be that hard, I don’t think they installed the trailer hitch properly because the rack doesn’t go all the way into it. Obviously there’s a problem somewhere. Either it’s the wrong trailer hitch for my car or the wrong bike rack for the car. I’d like to be able to go biking soon. At least I won’t be putting the travel miles on my car this weekend, they’ll go on the rental car. I hate rental cars. Last time I got a Jeep which wasn’t so bad but I’ve gotten ugly little Dodges before and once they gave me a mini-van, that was the worst! People don’t like mini-van drivers and now I know why, slow, slug-like, turds on the road. If there’s a back up for no reason, you can bet a mini-van is at the front of the line.

I just saw a woman in the parking garage who works in the building wearing house-shoes. I can understand wearing slippers while at your desk, but out in public? That’s odd. Maybe she forgot she had them on. They weren’t even nice slippers, they were ratty and dirty. Keep that crap at home or spend the ten dollars and get a new pair.

I had a nice surprise when I got home, my friend had straightened up the house, gone to the grocery store, and cooked a lovely Tuscan soup for dinner. That was pretty much my day, I never got the report I was promised so I’ll have to re-export everything again when it finally comes back to me.

Ta ta for now!


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