1. My car is getting fixed.
  2. It took me less than an hour to update a report.
  3. I brought my lunch today even though it was the going away lunch for the employee that’s moving. It took me too long at the dealership so I had to eat my own lunch instead of eating with them.
  4. My friend has an interview tomorrow.
  5. I should get to have a regular chat with Sir tonight.

I didn’t get to chat with Sir very much last night because it was his kid’s birthday. He was picking up a favorite treat so we just had a few minutes to say our hellos. We should be able to chat normally this evening as far as I know.
I did take my car into the body shop today, I thought I would have a panic attack as the service coordinator started drawing on it with a bright orange paint pen. The rental car company came through with a fully loaded Altima which is really nice for a rental car. It’s got a bigger engine than my car and shift paddles, I’ll have to try those out before I give the car back. I will get an update tomorrow as to how long they expect it will take to repair it. I’ll finally get the kick-lift fixed as well since they failed to fix it after my last accident.
I’ve got two reports that will need to go out tomorrow, hopefully I can get them out quickly and not have to stay too late so I can meet Sir. Considering I need to make up the hour it took me to take my car in and pick up the rental it’s not looking too good for Thursday. I’m disappointed, but sometimes it’s hard to make our schedules mesh.
Now I wait for eight o’clock until we can chat.
Ta ta!


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