Thoughtful Thursday

I’m busy tonight so I will just have time to put down some random thoughts. First the positives:

  1. I am having some alone time.
  2. Tomorrow is Friday!
  3. I get to see my friend and her darling little girl this weekend.
  4. Because I’m in a rental car I get to park in the up front spaces in the parking garage at work.
  5. The lift gate and the bumper for my car will arrive tomorrow!

I don’t care how socks and Oofos look, my feet are cold!
I am not turning on the heater, it’s ridiculous because it will be 70 degrees tomorrow. I guess I could turn the A/C up so it stops blowing.
Pigeon and Maisie keep getting out. I think it’s time to make Bear an indoor cat so the door isn’t opened so often. Maybe they will all realize that they are my prisoners and settle down about trying to get out. Of course that means they will be plotting my death.
I have no idea what I’m going to wear tomorrow. It’ll be a little chilly but not cold. I’m not even sure I have a pair of clean jeans.
I was sitting at my desk earlier this week while some people were microwaving their lunch in the nearby kitchen. I smelled what I can only describe as cat pee. I thought, what the heck are they cooking in there? The smell lingered almost all day. When I got home and smelled it again I was afraid that my house was starting to smell like cat pee. Yuck. The following day I am standing alone at the car rental counter and I smell it again. That’s when it hits me; I pulled on my shirt collar and took a whiff, yep it was my bra. The laundry room is where I keep the litter box. Most likely my bra had fallen off of the clean pile I hadn’t put away and into the litter box. The maid must have picked it out and put it back on the clean pile. Wearing a bra two days in a row is not as gross as wearing a bra that smells like cat pee two days in a row!
My hands are cold. Maybe I do need to put the heater on.
When did STD replace VD? Did “venereal disease” not cover all of them or is “sexually transmitted disease” more to the point and scarier?
The Kid and I still haven’t made our carpool karaoke video for my aunt’s surprise party. We need to do it before we run out of time.
I am getting the death stare from Bear for not letting him out. I’m positive he is plotting my demise.
I gave in and turned on the heater, my hands are so cold!
I ate too fast. Will I never learn?
My hands look so old. I’m too dehydrated. That’s not good. I need to take a Fiji water with me tomorrow. I have the big bottles.
It’s time to get more cashews.
I’m going to have to get up early on Sunday to get home two and a half hours away so I can do some laundry. I need fabric softener. The Kid and I were supposed to go to Sam’s this week. Oops. Dang it.
It’s time to chat with Sir. I’ll try to post this weekend if I get a chance.


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