Fun Friday

I’m having a great time with my friend, but we are taking a break from our Skipbo tournament so she can put her Kid to bed.

  1. I’m with my best friend.
  2. We are playing Skipbo.
  3. I am having cool sculpting tomorrow.
  4. I’m meeting Sir on Sunday.
  5. I’m in a really good mood.

I managed to get more work done today than I thought four hours would allow which included an hour meeting and sending out the minutes from it. I still have a lot to do on Monday, but I will deal with that on Monday. I’m going to enjoy my weekend. I always feel like when I’m in a good mood and I state it something will make it turn for the worse. I am learning to recognize through positive reinforcement that magical thinking is illogical and doesn’t affect the way my day/life will turn out. 
I am leaving my friend’s house earlier than I expected, my aesthetician had a cancellation tomorrow so I will be getting cool sculpting on my upper back, lower abdomen, and inner thighs. I’m excited about it. Sir is not excited about the possibility of bruising and soreness, but we can deal with that.

We have plans to meet on Sunday for lunch. I’m not sure where else we will be going, but he wants to spend some time together. I’m happy about that, I’d like to spend some time with him since we haven’t seen each other since last Sunday. I’ve also agreed to be collared. I picked a collar from Tiffany, if I am going to wear something every day I need it to be nice, professional, and easy. I love the collar I picked out and I can wear it constantly including in the shower with no ill effects to it. I always have a necklace on; Sir’s collar will replace the necklace I have been wearing (which is also from Tiffany) that my late husband gave me. I’m not letting him go, I am just moving forward with my life. He wanted that.

Okay, my friend’s Kid is down for the night and our Skipbo tournament is back on. The current score is one-to-one. She’s a little more cut-throat than I am so I’m sure she’ll win, but we will see.

Ta ta!


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